Draw up from the well of wisdom located deep within your heart

The scripture in Proverbs 20:5 of the Christian Bible, states: “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out”. An assessment of the scripture will give you the impression that an immeasurable amount of treasures lie waiting in each person’s heart, and these treasures can help each individual live an outstanding and distinguished lifestyle — if they are properly summoned! There is counsel, information and direction within the deepest part of man. It takes a lot of time and thinking to pull them out. Also, it takes wisdom to apply them towards becoming great. When Joseph (ancient Israel) gave Pharaoh insight into the impending economic crisis of their era, Pharaoh used that insight as a unique breakthrough in preventing the occurrence of bigger problems in the future. Joseph advised the king on how food could be preserved for seven years without applying the type of sophisticated technology present in our era/generation.

In so many instances, to seek help by running from place to place is not the real solution to some major issues in life. There is advice, information, direction, and solutions within you; your responsibility is to settle down and discover them. Many people don’t create time to settle down, meditate, think and plan, and so they end up frustrated. At every junction of life, meditate deeply within your heart and spirit in order to obtain directions. If people can be committed to being thoughtful in a meditative state, then proper directions can be discovered. Most of the modern wonders of science were invented because men created time to think and tap into the abundance of wealth and treasures located in the depths of their minds. For example, electricity was around all the while, but no one saw it or did anything about it until Benjamin Franklin thought about it and brought it into physical existence.

Archimedes brought forth the laws of flotation after thinking deeply over the matter for a long period of time. He got the solution in the bathroom and shouted “eureka”, which means “I have found it”. Bill Gates, who is extremely wealthy and one of the fathers of modern information technology, is a confirmed thinker. A story was once told about him, that while he was in deep thought one day, his mother called out: “Bill, Bill”, but he was lost in his thoughts. When he was eventually asked what he was doing, he replied: “I was thinking, don’t you think?” Limitless amounts of useful information can emanate from your mind if you make out time to delve into it a little bit — or even much more deeper than usual. The fact that you don’t take time to think over the issues of life, doesn’t mean that you have an opportunity to be careless! Always create time to settle down and calmly meditate in order to release the treasures of ideas located in the inner part of you.

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