Mankind’s unsuccessful pursuit of physical immortality, when real immortality lies within each of us

What could be so interesting about life on Earth that people would want to live on it forever?

Throughout history, a lot of people have pondered about immortality, and several others have made unsuccessful attempts to find it after using all the available resources at their disposal.

But why would people seek for physical immortality in external things when spiritual immortality has been lying within us, even before birth?

What is immortality?

Immortality is the quality, characteristic or ability a being has to live forever, have an unending existence, or not be affected by death.

Types of immortality

Physical immortality: this type of immortality actually existed within the vicinity of mankind at the beginning of creation; but since GOD took it away after the disobedience of Adam and Eve, mankind hasn’t been able to find it again—even after making a lot of mental and human effort.

It seems that GOD has stamped it: the nature of life on Earth will forever be void of any form of immortality.

Spiritual immortality: this type of immortality has always been part of us, even before birth; it is part and parcel of our spiritual nature because our spirits/souls are immortal by nature.

Spiritual immortality is a free gift of GOD that carries eternity or everlastingness within it, regardless of religion, age, race, or how people live their respective lives.

The truth is that everybody’s inner core is already immortal. Our spiritual immortality is located deep within the confines of our physical bodies, but many people do not know about it, while others do not even believe it exist.

It’s quite surprising that certain people who know about spiritual immortality, are not content with it, and would even prefer to acquire physical immortality—which is yet to be found.

Mankind has made several attempts to find physical immortality since the beginning

Up till this moment, it hasn’t been proven that mankind’s DNA contains any spark of immortal essence.

Since mankind lost immortality during the days of Adam and Eve, regaining it became the goal of some people who lived, but still ended up dying on Earth.

Despite how obvious and likely it is that nobody will live on Earth forever, certain people have been in so much love with the Earth, its men, women, and environment, etc., to such an extent that they took it upon themselves to search the nooks and crannies of the Earth for physical immortality—as if it was declared that GOD locked it away somewhere on Earth.

In the beginning, mankind’s mistakes seemed to have made GOD take away physical immortality from life on Earth

Does GOD feel that physical immortality is not a good fit for mankind?

Did mankind’s seeming tendency to be materialistic, compel GOD to take away physical immortality which was actually within the reach of mankind in the Garden of Eden?

The Bible informs us that GOD banished Adam and Even from the Garden of Eden after they disobeyed his orders by eating the fruit/apple of knowledge.

In fact, biblical records hint that GOD thought Adam and Eve might unlock the secret of immortality, become like him, and live forever. Genesis 3: 22 states: “And the Lord GOD said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever”.

So, as we can see, physical immortality seemed to be within the reach of mankind before the fall of Adam and Eve.

Apart from the Bible’s records of creation—which quite a number of people still don’t believe in—there are other records in a much older text (that dates back to the 27th century BC) called “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.

This epic gives a tale of Gilgamesh, a legendary Sumerian king who decided to embark upon a journey to find immortality.

Many people still don’t believe in the epic of Gilgamesh, and the Sumerian tale of creation because they mention beings (called gods) who were believed to have visited the Earth and created mankind.

But let’s continue with our brief tale of the epic of Gilgamesh: After an adventurous quest, Gilgamesh finally found the secret of immortality, only to see a serpent snatch it away at the last minute.

Note: “The Epic of Gilgamesh” is one of the oldest pieces of literature ever recorded. Because of this obvious fact, historians believe that the epic’s tale about the search for immortality inspired the Greek writer, Homer, to write the Odyssey.

Also, historians believe that Sumerian texts were the inspiration behind Noah’s flood which was mentioned in the Bible.

Another failed attempt to find physical immortality

Despite the links that physical immortality has with GOD, or gods, the search for it has been one of the oldest quests in human history.

Throughout history, rulers, kings and warlords had a lot of power to command entire regions and populations; however, there was always one thing that was beyond their control: immortality—and how to reverse aging.

In a quest to find immortality, or prevent aging, Emperor Qin—who unified China around 200 BC—sent several fleets of ships to find the “Fountain of Youth” which was believed to reverse aging, but he failed to achieve any positive result.

According to mythological records, Emperor Qin warned his fleet of ships not to come back if they failed to find the Fountain of Youth. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they ran away and found Japan instead, since they were unable to find the fountain, and too afraid to return back to Emperor Qin.

Scientific attempts to find physical immortality

For several decades, many scientists have held the belief that the life span of each human being was fixed, unchangeable, and beyond the ability of science to extend.

However, within the last few years, this long-held view has lost a lot of support because of awesome experimental results that have revolutionized the field of medical science.

Quite a number of scientists believe that physical immortality is within the reach of mankind. In fact, a scientist even claimed that humans will become immortal by the year 2050.

Scientist, theoretical physicist, and Nobel laureate, Richard Feynman, once stated that no evidence suggests or indicates that death is avoidable; and although death is inevitable, it is not completely inevitable; in fact, it will only be a matter of time before scientists discover the causes aging and death.


The possibility of acquiring physical immortality and extending human life, could be a source of joy for some people; on the other hand, it could be a source of sorrow for others, most especially when the current population explosion, high rate of pollution and degradation of many environments are put into consideration.

It’s quite possible that biological and nano-technological therapies will not only increase human life span, but preserve the youthfulness of human bodies too.

Regardless, physical immortality seems to be something that will forever be outside the reach of adventurous mankind.

I am of the opinion that if anyone succeeds in acquiring physical immortality, then a lot of problems would also arise with it—physical, spiritual, or a combination of both.

Thank you.

Do you think it’s a waste of time to search for physical immortality? Will physical immortality ever be discovered? Comments about your opinion will be appreciated in the comment section.


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