The future of nuclear power: the more the production, the more the danger to humanity

Since the dawn of creation, and before the beginning of the era of planet Earth and mankind, the ambition to acquire more power and control always existed in beings that were/are much higher than mankind, but were also created by GOD.

The ambition to acquire more control and power, was expressed by wars that occurred in the spiritual realm during the times of remotely distant ages. In fact, records from different religious, holy texts/books, and mythologies confirm the occurrence of such wars.

The same ambition became part of lower beings in the lower parts of creation—on Earth—even amongst different species of animals and living things alike.

In the higher spiritual world, and before the creation of the material world, a war occurred between GOD’s angels, who were led by Archangel Michael, and the fallen angels, who were led by Lucifer, or Satan; and ended with victors and losers alike.

Presumably, great spiritual powers were displayed during the heavenly war. Probably the power or energy was, and still is a million or more times greater than the most destructive atomic weapon on Earth today.

There are different types of opposing powers

One thing that can be easily noticed during any war is that different grades and levels of opposing powers existed/exist: good power vs. bad power; strong power vs. weak power; spiritual power vs. earthly power; light vs. darkness, etc.—amongst many others.

All the same, some forms of power have always been employed in warfare, or fights. In the present age/stage of the world, nuclear power is the most potent and admired tool used during warfare, by many enemies, friends, regions and nations alike.

Nuclear power is top priority in the Earth realm

Nuclear power could be synonymous (not actual) with the greatest powers Lucifer and his angels were capable of employing at the time. But what was the result of the decision to exploit the option of making an attempt to take complete control of the spiritual world?

The result was self-destruction, spiritual decay, and spiritual imprisonment—synonymous with the disadvantages that nuclear wars bring to enemies and opposing powers that engage in earthly warfare.

That was a scene in the spiritual world. In the physical world, history has shown that the more power (in this case, nuclear power) is used to exploit other people and nations, the more self-destruction, natural decay and environmental degradation will be mankind’s fate.

With the level of destruction witnessed and recorded after using nuclear power, no one can deny how potent and destructive it is, and how easy it could bring all forms of life to an abrupt end.

But first, what is nuclear power?

Nuclear power is the energy released by a nuclear reaction. A nuclear reaction is a process that changes the energy level, structure or composition of atomic nuclei. Nuclear power is generated after changes occur in the nucleus of atoms: by fission of heavy nuclei, or by fusion of light nuclei into heavier ones. Usually, loss of mass accompanies both processes.

Advantages of using nuclear power

One major advantage of nuclear power is that it does not produce large quantities of greenhouse gases like coal- and oil-burning plants, and fossil fuels.

Disadvantages of using nuclear power: past accidents and problems

The major disadvantages of nuclear power are technical and political ones, and have kept mankind in fear of harnessing its full potential for decades.

One of the problems associated with harnessing nuclear power is that if for example, uranium atoms are split, and enormous quantities of nuclear waste are produced, they will remain radioactive for a period that could last anywhere between several thousands, and tens of millions of years

What do we mean when we state that nuclear waste will remain “radioactive” for that long? What we mean is that there will be spontaneous emission (occurring without any external effort or cause) of a flow of particles or electromagnetic rays under “nuclear decay” for that length of time—between several thousands, and tens of millions of years.

It is on record that a typical 1,000-megawatt reactor produces about 30 tonnes of “high-level” nuclear waste after a year. This waste is highly radioactive, to such an extent that it shines or glows in the dark.

With about a hundred or more commercial reactors in the U.S.A. alone, thousands of tonnes of high-level waste are being produced each year. It can be rightly assumed that thousands of tonnes of high-level nuclear waste are produced each year, per each set of hundred commercial reactors worldwide.

The 1979 accident at Three Mile Island, U.S.A., slowed down the rate of nuclear power production for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the devastating accident at Chernobyl in 1986 caused widespread fear, and greatly affected nuclear power production for a whole generation.

The impact: nuclear power production projects gradually dried up in Europe and U.S.A., and lost support in France, Russia and Japan where they received little sponsorship in the form of government subsidies.

The Chernobyl incident was a terrible one; even till this day, heat and radiation is still generated around the site where the nuclear accident occurred.

Nuclear waste disposal still poses a big problem

In addition to the problems associated with accidents and explosions, there is also the problem of disposing nuclear waste. Where can we safely dispose nuclear waste? How can we cheaply dispose nuclear waste?

Where can we put nuclear waste? Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, after about 50 years into the atomic age, there is still no concrete answer on how we can safely and cheaply dispose nuclear waste.

In the past, costly errors were made when nuclear wastes were permanently disposed: some nuclear wastes were dumped into oceans by U.S.A. and Russia, and others were buried in shallow pits.

Unfortunately, in 1979, a plutonium waste that was dumped in the Ural Mountains, exploded catastrophically, and required massive evacuation; also, it caused radiological damage around an area of about 400 square miles, between Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk.

Nowadays, another greater problem is that jealousy and hatred between nations could unleash nuclear war with untold repercussions

Yes; you read that right: the greatest problem that causes many other problems in today’s world is the jealousy and hatred people and nations of different races, religions, colour, etc.—this has caused a lot of distrust, and many societal/world problems such as war and environmental degradation.

History has shown that after nations become experts in commercial technology, they start to desire and acquire nuclear weapons. The danger associated with acquiring nuclear weapons and technology is that unruly people who have enough money could buy the weapons and technology easily, and start war(s).

It can be observed that during World War II, the richest nations were the ones that easily acquired technical knowledge, natural resources, and capabilities to create an atomic bomb which used nuclear power to enable it to do what it was designed for.

During World War II, it cost much more to create an atomic bomb; however, in the future, it is believed that uranium enrichment will become cheaper/much less costly, due to the possible invention of newer and cheaper technologies.

The danger we face is this: newer and cheaper technologies could make it easier for atomic bombs to get into the hands of a much higher number of uncertain people, regions, or nations.

An example of the uncertainty that surrounds nuclear power

It is on record that, as per one of the worst breaches of nuclear security in history, an obscure atomic engineer (name not mentioned) stole blueprints of the ultra-centrifuge and components of the atomic bomb, and sold them for profit.

In 1975, while working in Amsterdam for URENCO—which was established by West Germany, Britain, and Netherlands to supply uranium to European reactors—the said person gave the secret blueprints to the Pakistani government, which is widely reported to have hailed this act.

The same person was also suspected to have sold the same blueprints (classified information) to Saddam Hussein, and the governments of Libya, North Korea, and Iran.

Furthermore, it is also believed that Pakistan used the stolen technology to produce a small stockpile of nuclear weapons in 1998.

A little bit later, what was the ensuing nuclear rivalry between Pakistan and India? Each country exploded successions of atomic bombs, which almost resulted in a full blown nuclear war between them.

Most likely, all these incidences occurred because, initially, a blueprint of classified information was stolen by an uncertain/vague person and sold to other people.


Although nuclear energy has/can still have more advantageous uses in future, its future still looks “very very” bleak because of unfortunate cases of destruction that occurred in the past, caused a lot of deaths, and degraded many environments and societies.

At present, the future of nuclear energy seems to be shrouded by the same unfortunate incidences of the past, and the fact that the same unfortunate incidences (or similar ones) could possibly repeat themselves once, or many more times.


The acquisition of certain forms of power should be included among the “no-go areas of life”—and should actually be a “no-go area”. Why? Because the more you acquire them, the more danger they bring upon mankind and the environment.

Thank you.

Do you think it is a good idea to continue exploiting the capabilities of nuclear power? Or, should the pursuit of nuclear power be halted, altogether? Comments about your opinion will be appreciated in the comment section.

Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

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  1. Our Father stopped the war in heaven so that all would not be destroyed.
    Love overcomes all adversity
    When we live in the finished work of the Cross, it is truly finished the war is over.
    Our weapon against evil is the sword of the Word.

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    1. great comment; truly great…GOD’s power actually ended that war in heaven…and I agree with you that if people have knowledge of GOD and. his word, people/nations would put their nuclear weapons down, and probably throw them away, and nobody would see the need to use nuclear power for war …

      on the other hand, the reality is that the world is filled with different religions, beliefs, backgrounds, races and colors, etc., etc., with different mentalities/ideologies, and this has made any peaceful expectation to be almost completely off the cards.

      Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.

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      1. I am the God of all the Nations, thus says the Lord. Be still and watch and know that I am your God, Your salvation.
        You and Your brothers and sisters in Christ will be gathered from all the nations and you will be a peoples for me, now and into eternity.

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        1. Thanx for that recommendation: their spears should be converted into plowshares and used to produce enough food for the uncountable number of hungry and poor people in the world

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            1. 😄… yea Ron, it would be difficult without boots… hope you are doing fine… let me use this opportunity to also inform you too that I’ve been making comments on your blog, but it seems the comments have been disappearing; I don’t know why… regardless, I will still continue to comment and see what happens…you are the fourth person on this post I’m informing about this issue…I am still happy that at least I am still able to like all your posts… you guys are great; you are the ones that give my posts alot of spotlight… thank you all…


              1. I ,ll ck on it. I am away from home and won’t be back till Monday. I will ck on it. I am 65 I woke up one day and realized how much of my life had been a lie. I had to believe in myself before I could believe in I Am. This is Old Testament away from the religion’s of the world and governments. I try to get young people think about they believe to be true. India has around 1 billion people, a caste system and one religion alone they say has 330 million gods. How are going to get around that.

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                1. I wish you safe journey, wherever you are going to… maybe my comments have been dumped in your spam folder… I see a couple of good comments in my spam folder almost every day, if not every 2 days…you really mean that India has 330 million gods?? really? that’s quite staggering… I can hardly believe, but everything is still possible… maybe, out of the 1 billion Indians, 330 million of them are gods🙄…


                  1. I don’t know how they count them. It was without looking it up Buddhism or Hinduism? Even so India has been stagnant for over 3000 years. They don,t have a strong middle class. The young people are trying to break the chains of religion’s. I believe in the ancient semitic Hebrew God, I Am. It has no religious ties to the 7 major religions of the world. It goes back into eternity. I believe in I Am the God of Genesis.

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                    1. it’s good to know you’ve found your footing… many people are still stifled by religious dogmas and are yet to encounter the light


            1. the truth is that some realities and prophecies spoken about in the Bible were/are figurative and have real meanings or applications in real life… when Jesus gave parables in public using figures of speech, everyone, including his disciples, didn’t understand… but those figurative speeches had real meanings and applications that Jesus later explained to his disciples in private, when they were not in the midst of the public…

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              1. BC they had no idea what nukes were. Fire is an expression of judgement against an individual if they believe in themselves instead of who I AM. Isreal was never a nation but a small group of people who contended with God. Look at Jacob’s ladder where Jacob’s name changes to Israel from the chosen ones. 

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                1. you made a very good point there: the reality that BC had no idea about atomic bombs… thanks for your enlightening points on expressions used in biblical writing…


    1. thanks alot… i really appreciate the time you’ve taken to read and type that encouraging comment…please check your spam box, probably the comments I’ve been making on some of your posts are there…I notice that after I comment on some blogger’ posts, like your’s, the comments usually appear for a few seconds, and then disappear completely and permanently…


  2. To me, the origin of nuclear power is another example of the ignorance of unintended consequences. Since mankind has so far repeatedly co-opted potentially benign technology for destructive. greedy, or abusive purposes, I have little faith in nuclear energies as a solution to a healthy planet. The inability to process all waste on every level is a blatant disregard for a sustainable future.

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    1. Thank you for such a brilliant comment…”the origin of nuclear power is another example of the ignorance of unintended consequences”…I agree that
      and also agree that we’ve been using nuclear power and other technologies for selfish and self-destructive purposes, and I have less faith in nuclear energy too—as you might have noticed in the post…

      I really appreciate your visit and very thoughtful statements.


  3. ✨ 🌷 ✨ Awareness and safety are the two major aspects also disposing the waste in a proper manner can help to stablize the process. Nuclear power means just not bombs but there are hundreds of applications in various fields of interests. There are many researches ongoing human brain always find solutions for the better future. Making it more competitive is always better way to help man kind. Cheers.

    Wishing a special greetings to all beautiful mothers around and happy Sunday and God bless all. 🌷

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    1. Thank you for visiting and making a comment with good points.. I agree that there are other useful applications, especially as the use of nuclear power emits much less greenhouse gases, when compared with other forms of energy like coal and fossil fuels… however, people who steal and sell blueprints of nuclear technology to unruly and unscrupulous leaders and terrorist groups, don’t care about the other useful applications which are less threatening than warfare; they care more about destruction—and that’s what the world should be afraid about most, and probably put their hands off nuclear power for the greater good of the world…

      GOD bless you too, and thanks for your time…

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      1. I understand your concern sir. Terrorists usually won’t get the nuclear weapons unless sold by big powers and producers. Here again money talks to get such big stuff in control. Wars are the focal point as well. If you are planning to care environment green earth and co2 less air then nuclear is a solutions. Technology gone further than energy… You can look about medicine water agriculture environment and various aspects nuclear researches proved the best. World’s best user of nuclear is country like Canada its a peace-loving country anf they given many useful things to planet as well.

        If really think about weapon and power Play then only big powers involved and nuclear nations. If they wish to use no one can stop them. But the rulers are morally bound they won’t touch to destruct earth and history repeats. Let’s wish for the positive growth only instead think of negative aspects.

        From the time of ww 1 and 2 every nation grown much larger in science and technology and mother earth needs more care and let’s strive hard to save planet 🌏.
        Visit my small web page when you are free and read many inventions and research reports I share to community. Let’s pray for green earth and more smiles all over it helps every one of us to breath happily. Great time and cheers. 🌷

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        1. thanks for your comment. If you read the article you’d have noticed that a big power didn’t sell the blueprint of nuclear power production to Pakistan or the other nations; it was a single individual… so no matter how you control people, you cannot predict what they would do… you have powerless spies and uncertain/vague people everywhere, who could leak anything till it easily proliferates… in a world where everyone is good, your hypothesis about safely exploiting other advantageous uses of nuclear power would work; on the other hand, it would be difficult for it to work in a world containing a mix of both good and evil minds..

          I usually come to your blog, but maybe you haven’t noticed because I don’t comment. I usually like “⭐” your posts… I’ve lost courage commenting because the comments on most posts usually disappear after I comment. probably it has even happened to me on your blog… if you read my comments far up, you will noticed that I complained about the same issue to another blogger..

          Thank you and many regards…

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          1. That’s strange. I never saw any of your comments. Few of my friends always fought with me that I delete their comments. I never received at first place so I won’t discard. I love to read and comment my thoughts. It’s a friendly forum to share happiness and good inventions as per me. Actually I started with my own way of sharing pictures I take around my visits and places not seen in general as I am watchful for each shot always. Recently I am sharing my studies and reports as this topic is my major analysis since my student life. I only look at the positive inventions and not at the destructive points or developments. We Humans need peace and lovely place to live. Also we leave to the big people to control the other side of coin and we pray all is well for the best of humanity. Pls welcome back to visit my page and I appreciate all smiles. 🍀

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            1. probably, if you check your spam folder once in a while, you will likely see some good comments there, if they didn’t disappear by themselves (laughs) … I see a couple of good comments there almost everyday; i dont know how they ended up there… I contacted but didn’t get any satisfactory reason why good comments end up in spam…you know innocent emails sometimes enter spam folders…

              Irrespective of my negative experiences as per commenting on blog posts, I will still try to comment and see what happens…

              Thank you


              1. I check spam once a week. I receive many messages there also. WP have a bug and they may work on it. I may check it up again and if I have any I will respond for sure. My pleasure. I am hungry now be back later. Cheers thanks your time ⌚

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                    1. Ok… then there’s likely a big problem, because even though I’ve informed a number of bloggers whose posts I know I commented on, I still haven’t yet gotten any positive reply from most of them, as regards to them seeing my comments… Happy Sunday, and Cheers to you too…

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                    2. I contacted them over a week ago, but like I hinted earlier, I didn’t get any convincing reasons why some comments disappear, or why good/innocent answers end up in spam…at that time, after I messaged WP customer care, I was informed that some bloggers’ settings have made it compulsory for them to approve comments before they show up on posts; so I have to wait for my comments to be approved…now, if comments don’t show up, then I honestly don’t know what to inquire from WP support, or what to complain to them about…I will manage things as they are because a few of my comments still show up on some blogs…and regardless, I will still comment on bloggers blogs, whether the comments show up or not… hopefully the problem might resolve by itself…maybe it’s a WP feature on some blogs (laughs) 😉…

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                    3. Yesnthey are right, there is a option to get approval on comments, but once they approve first time pre approved comments can be shown up always. Some of safety aspects and features are mandatory to avoid troubles at time, hope all be well soon, thanks to connect and stay in touch , cheers. 🙏✨🎶

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  4. I think humankind needs to return to simpler ways. At present much of the world still goes hungry and lacks the basics of life despite government and science repeated efforts to put things right. The drive of those who have is always to get more, whilst those who have not become poorer yet as direct consequence.

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    1. I am in complete agreement with your brilliant comment; a very good point: I think mankind should know when to employ simplicity and leave complexity alone… when something is so complex (with a lot of mental energy and money involved) and has a scary destructive element about it, I think it should just be left alone…

      like you said, the world is still filled with hunger, poverty and lack of basic necessities of life; in my opinion, these things need much more urgent attention than nuclear power, especially when nuclear power can be easily channeled towards destruction by greed and selfish people…

      Thank you for visiting, reading and making such a meaningful comment—highly appreciated…


    1. 👏👏👏… Thanks such a wise comment—spot-on…it will be unwise for us to neglect/refuse to learn from the past mishaps… Ron, thank you for reading and commenting. .


  5. Respect for danger is important. That said visit with me statistics of harm versus statistics of social fears of what is harmful. More people in your life will without fault of chemical misadventures yours or other’s, die early for not wearing a seatbelt in a wreck than those wantonly murdered by nuclear misadventures. The Whistler plant fire is more fun a documentary on early nuclear misadventures of the UK. I love the hope that is molten salt reactors with the still albeit incomplete reprocessing availability. I’m not in favor forgetting to date the intensity of radiation as you can tour decommissioned cheronobyl via YouTube. Or the surrounding off limits Forrest much of area returns to and the boon that is to wildlife after a dark moment. Understanding the scale of risk things can be is important…an example in a non nuclear situation is Richard Hammond of most famously a car program of the UK again, top gear did up a reenactment of guy fox gunpowder plot complete to metrics of within the explosion to test dummies proving if searching for parts 20 feet separated from each other wasn’t proof enough that the plot could have succeeded and thus I guess it’s good for one side of the involved parties it failed…. The other side was executed for attempted treason -fancy that. I’m not English I may have misspelled or misheard some names. The same reason I’m not howling support outright for your given pov is there just isn’t anything like no power during the worst of our climates…. Again more people that need to die for lack of a help with controlled environment… Be that exascerbated asthma for highly humid areas when while first world earth expensive, a/c is life saving. Or maybe it’s economic! We live a near twenty-four hours day in some cuties thus allowing a lot more people income or ways to attract income because of power – no nuclear doesn’t have to be that answer as you can be right here I allow you to be narcissistic Ally speaking – but serious as a tomb the demands are there are growing and nuclear can be some part…. Safely enough anyways. But the gunpowder plot blew up a building recreated… They had a bunch of security and safety issues one being at the blast radius limit of safety…. That you understand my point driven at here if it’s not respect here we will go again and again as I don’t believe nuclear is without accidents why should we get such a life? But why are we not making sure that if the worst happens it doesn’t take evacuating cities but simply enforcing better you are not allowed here for your safety . Another example of this is the hindenburg disasters cause revealed by a crash investigator… Pilot error. People die in a fire because he rushed an unsafe way. The whole industry was shut down. We can’t seem to make it idiot proof but cars are statistically far more deadly. We won’t give that freedom up I’d bet just as we won’t stop wanting air-conditioning and lights

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    1. Thank you for your detailed thoughtful comments and many important points… one thing I think cuts across your points is that accidents can always occur in life… on the other hand it is not an accident when ethically corrupt people purposely and knowingly steal classified data and blueprints of atomic bombs, etc., and sell it to other dubious minded people, and dictatorial leaders… my humble personal opinion is that it would be better to erase the possibility of such acts occurring, if we halt the development of nuclear power and technology that is directed towards warfare…

      Thank you for visiting, reading and making a meaningful comment…


      1. Pandora’s box. Once open isn’t closed. To me it’s not actually hard to obtain basics of developable materials nor is it hard to see the non classified material on all major types of weaponry and the challenges of proper treatment and or disposal of old and new material. Of course none of the direct mathmatics is openly highlighted ore to bomb!!! People far above right or wrong know that being too closed only begets curiosity. Curiosities are bad. So learn! Only so much. Thus experts classify stuff to make it actual not easy at all to acheive dangerness. Like what good is a bomb when briefcase versions are looked for by travel checkpoints heck even a no where trash dump checks for radiation waste! Or scary as the world is, material and too easy to otherwise process danger things are often fairly highly watched things. I mean I could get castor beans supposedly where ricin a nasty toxin can be found? Yep you bet but ask yourself how much of it? Weapons worth? No. Not even enough for the plastizer Americans use to make c4 a plastic explosive. – just as it’s illegal to posess a single cocoa plant leaf because that’s where cocaine may be derived… Not easily but don’t you think home Depot would sell me down the river if I started down the road of large purchases of specific things? Just like some YouTube? Yep. Heartbeats wouldn’t echo. Now try to enrich yellow cake. Nevermind I went from drugs to bombs to nukes. It’s deliberate I get bored and YouTube. I can not make my own crap for not the reason I don’t know what’s needed or even how it’s done but a wise bone says someone yes in free America is watching and such aren’t freedoms but deliberate crimes. Do you wish there were more watchers? I’m very sure 100 can’t stop one sometimes but to offer me the best protection possible at a afforded cost? Oh I think you’ll find we sometimes even know the places in advance or not yet but might be stolen stuff will most likely go. You might find new security otherwise! But remember well curiosity is a very dangerous enemy. Taboo. Make it taboo and you ? Look up how well American prohibition worked to make criminals rich…. Daddy rum runner Kennedy got his son into the Whitehouse. Protection yes stop? It’s not safer without it. It’d only be Ill regulated otherwise- as it stands now supply is known processing overseen budgets made but to stop it means no oversight but all the materials still exist. That’s just begging trouble

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        1. 👍👍👍… good points… but to stop nuclear power production (targeted at warfare) would be the best option for the world… the selfish aims of a few nations, and the tyrannical attitudes of unruly leaders and terrorist groups, shouldn’t be spoon fed by allowing production of substances that the record books of history will always warns us about (please read the part of the article that discusses the disadvantages of nuclear power.)…in summary, I will never support the production of nuclear power that is targeted at enhancing warfare capabilities of nations and individuals—never… that’s just my personal opinion…

          nuclear energy or power is not as necessary as other forms of power: nuclear power targeted at warfare, is not even necessary at all; it has rather brought alot of untold deaths and destruction—most of which were not accidental, but were rather intentional…man has been acquiring the necessary things of life without using nuclear power…so leaving nuclear power alone (especially the aspect targeted at warfare), would be a selfless and environmentally friendly decision, for the good and preservation of things…


          1. Pleased on your hope for goodness but still concerned just stopping doesn’t eliminate the threat as this supposes bad people display good ethics all of a sudden!


            1. halting production of nuclear power for warfare purposes eliminates the threat completely because halting production in the first place, will be the safest and best option that would close avenues and doors that allow nuclear warfare equipment to be easily proliferated


              1. I agree with Ihagh , good and evil are not absolutes they are transitory dictated my mans freewill. You would have to control mans freewill. How would you propose on doing that?  Peace and love is not a universal vehicle that everyone will ride in. What are you left with? You have only one option left.

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                1. Ron, thanks for your comment which is not only spot-on, but is also all-encompassing in terms of a proposing the best way for mankind, as per the use of nuclear power for warfare purposes…


                  1. I know your a young man. I am going to use the equation in a simple form for fyi.
                    This is an absolute it is called the death equation.
                    E=mc/squared = E=mc/squared
                    2nd Law -Thermodynamics of Heat to Cold in the fields of Quantum
                    Everything is born everything dies you cannot change this absolute In the Laws of Nature.
                    Have you ever started a fire. You gather a couple pieces of wood provide an accelerant and watch it burn. The ensuing fire gives off energy reaches a zenith then it starts to die off and reduces itself to a cold state. You end up with ashes. If you were to collect the smoke the particulates coming from the fire. It would have the same mass and weight but a different state. It is now cold energy.
                    Once you get to a state of cold energy then you have another Quantum field that comes into play. Cold energy has two states; it can either ignite into fire or it can continue to get colder. Both states exist within gravity and magnetic fields.
                    You like make people think about their choices that is great. This is just to help you postulate your questions down to a narrow point. Instead of using two eyes use one.
                    Even cars are born and overtime they die.
                    Have a great day. I will answer first I Am on a blog this morning.

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              2. Gonna have to leave that point not agreed on… I say to stopping that there’s little to prevent private investigation. The logic is the same with a gun, it is okay if we all find them a tool…but some think them a salvation. They don’t have to care. How many surprised to learned they’ve false ? You stare down a person threatening to shoot you or nuke you it’s cowardly butyes it’s there psychologically thus stopping doesn’t quite approach addressing that issue.

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                1. thanks for all your time, and points… I respect your opinions alot but will likely disagree with them forever, especially when nobody would be able to compare the impact just one bomb has, with the impact that guns could have; I don’t, and may never ever see any comparison… and I wonder why time should be devoted to bombs as if it is important… who are they planning to fight…were we created to produce things that will further divide us apart? I don’t see the necessity… bombs are not important as air, water or land which are polluted in many parts of the world, and need urgent attention…so I can never buy the idea…


                  1. :). I see the guns thing yay finally a considered negatively tool of use perhaps but. Laughably so in a world we spend more time building the whole reason guns are of use I e in sport food the population to be hunted. I’m rather sad the car or automobile factset doesn’t intrigue as it’s positive and was the point cars are freedom as they’re considered essentially life economy yet highly dangerous as they’re useful laden with death on a daily basis. Some roads have death counters to help remind folk safety counts…. Yet this is to leave us divided on the subject of bombs. I no more support bombs or arsenal than any. I do not see a need of mutually assured destruction or one bomb is useful persay. I see the knowledge of nuclear energy as power easily misused to skew the joy of the world…. There in we both agree! Believe that or not. Where I raise issues is one can not stopper that knowledge easily as it’s of vast temptation as it means control of or high influence in this world. It’s worth a lot. Knowing that value and reading how energy works I like scientific use of nuclear energy even the low efficiencies nuclear water kettle. Why because it’s neat I’m strange science wise. This puts mines in work to processing and disposal like any ism. Who doesn’t like work? Nuclear is very dangerous when mishandled which means it’s going to pay very well. Who doesn’t want a good paying job? Safely providing for society. The stuff said is danger and as most assume it’s so dangerous it’s more destructive than good. That’s where again I leave you free to choose but note I myself rather would see a nuclear plant than another coal one and I love the wind and solor talk but infrastructure costs as does anything and cheap energy is expensive to me! O no I’m not against change just knowing solar costs sometimes double or perhaps 25k for 1/2 30 years energy but all up front and again I’m not wealthy. I know nuclear is dangerous in ways but cleanly as in what emmission coal burnt up which chimney?! But most of all, something dangerous isn’t left to chance but used and thus controlled through use not stopped and we HOPE it isn’t a threat but it is. That is my point. Don’t make taboos as someone will capitalize on it to get rich without restrainsts. You are very free to disagree that addresses the issues down to unscrupulous people’s. You can provide evidence it’s not a perfect solution. But I too can show it just as dangerous to believe it can in today’s times be $topped


  6. Nuclear power looks promising in the short term but it is not sustainable in the long run. Even if we replace all fossil fuels with nuclear fuels, eventually fossil fuels crisis will be replaced by nuclear fuel crisis- just like coal and oil, uranium and other nuclear fuels are also finite. The best approach should be conservation combined with a gradual development of renewables.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Zeeshan, thanks alot for your insightful points and reasoning regarding possible nuclear fuel crisis—if nuclear fuels replace fossil fuels… In the past I’ve thought alot about fossil fuels vs. nuclear fuels, and see alot of advantages in your proposed approach: conservation combined with gradual development of renewables…

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    1. Thank you very much for following the post: I really appreciate that…whenever you are ready to say or type something, then just do it… or else, just read the comments… any which way you decide, it’s still ok… let me use this opportunity to inform you that I’ve been making comments on your blog too, but it seems the comments have been disappearing; I don’t know why… regardless, I will still continue to comment and see what will happen…for now, I’m contented that I’m still able to “like” your posts…

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      1. Oppenheimer‘ s words when watching the first nuclear bomb detonation. Awesome! Truly awesome—the whole “cosmic horror”
        If we can’t learn how to love ourselves as our neighbors—this is what God has in store for us. We’ve been warned. But, according to Micah and Isaiah—the story has a very happy beautiful ending. So, I remain hopeful.
        And try maybe just sending me an emoji comment-and see what happens. I know, does it to me too. Glad you like my posts. I’ve run out of words to write—but, pictures are worth more than words, right? 🙂

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        1. yea, in terms of worth, pictures are far much more than words: a picture could actually be expressed using thousands of words…I like the faith you express when you believe that the story/issue will have “a very beautiful ending”

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        2. I included an emoji in a comment I made on your most-recent post titled: “Thank you for allowing me this journey with you.”

          The funny thing is that, on checking your post, once again Ive noticed that my comment has disappeared; at least the “like” didn’t disappear…please check your spam folder; it might be there…if it’s not in your spam folder, then it means I’m in quite a mysterious situation which I won’t bother myself about, because I know GOD is in control…


    1. We pray for more peacemakers and leaders who will have the ability to put a tough stance against the use of nuclear power in manufacture of equipment for warfare…the energy and time expended on this can be used to achieve more useful things, and solve more pressing issues


    1. Hi Riya,

      Thanks alot for the nomination… I must admit that I feel so much honored when fellow bloggers nominate me for an award… on the other hand, accepting certain awards has been difficult for me because of the conditions, time and energy they demand in accepting them: nominating people—especially when they are more than 5—and contacting them, is a demand I have become exhausted in fulfilling…

      what I will do is that I will check the requirements for accepting the award before I inform you about any decision whether to accept it or not … if the requirements will take up time out of my insufficient time, then it will be difficult for me to accept the award…

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      1. Yes you are right. No matter dear …take your time..even I did it for the first time and I also got exhausted!! But truly speaking it will be amazing to complete it!! 😊😊
        Hope you accept it 💐


        1. honestly I can’t promise you because normally I don’t have enough time… if you study my blog, you will notice that I don’t even have enough time to blog as much as I would have liked to—since 5 days ago, I am just making a post today…I struggled to squeeze time and make the post I published today…

          I don’t have time for myself, so it will be difficult to create a post and start contacting up to 10 or more people, as is the case with most awards…

          Because of you, I will check the requirements, but I won’t go further to accept the award if I have to nominate more than 5 other people… honestly, I can’t punish myself again like before… hope you will be able to understand… thank you…


    1. thanks alot for your comment… I hope humanity will learn; even though I find it difficult to agree that they will learn because war and disagreements are things that humanity has obviously not learnt lessons from

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