The journey of mankind and the use of potential mind power

(Image credit: The journey and history of humanity has been filled with awesome wonders, and nothing but very great progress. On the other hand there has been a lot of waste that shouldn’t be allowed to continue—the waste of potential mind power.

The journey and history of humanity has been filled with awesome wonders, challenges, and even downfalls in between.

All the same, there has been great progress even though a lot of waste has occurred here and there; this shouldn’t be allowed to continue: the waste of potential mind power—and probably spirit too.

Spirit, as most of us know it, is the invisible and immaterial force that animates all living things and beings. In human beings, it expresses itself in many ways through character and personality—and even achievements.

The mind, as an entity and component of the spirit, has power to express thoughts and feelings; also, it is the throne of reasoning in its conscious and subconscious parts.

In fact, the mind as the sum total of the conscious and subconscious states of an individual, has the potential/capacity to develop any thought and transform it into physical reality—such is the power of the mind.

And this power has been equally given to each person. Unfortunately, throughout the ages—and even till date—many people either waste their mind power, or create negative conditions that influence other people to do the same: waste theirs.

A brief look at mankind’s journey so far

At mankind’s inception, first came the Stone Age when life was much more dependent on strength, rather than the mind, intellect and sharp or deep reasoning.

After the Stone Age came the Iron Age when life was gradually becoming a bit more intellectually minded than it was during the Stone age. During the Iron Age the physically strong ones still had upper hands in very important affairs, even when many of them lacked intellectual mind power.

Later came the Golden Age when those who had intellectual mind power and material riches started ruling over those who depended more on physical strength than intellectual power!

The norm in today’s society is that people with high intellectual power run the world. Unfortunately, those who lack intellectual power—even though they might be strong—have been at the bottom of the ladder, much to their dismay.

It has to be noted that mankind is fortunate to have had people working at the bottom of the ladder; for without them, the world and intellectually-rich people wouldn’t have been able to achieve many great deeds.

The journey from the lowly cave man of the Stone Age (who feared lightning and fire), to the engineer and space scientists of today’s Golden Age, shows how deep mankind continues to dig into the mind, master more aspects of nature, and develop more intellectual power.

However, on the background and bottom part of the ladder in many societies, a lot of people haven’t utilized their minds as much as they can.

There is always a higher possibility that most people haven’t been aware of. Lack of awareness has led to waste of potential mind power, and spiritual well-being as well.

We’re in an age when each person can become their own master

Yes, as odd as it may sound, we’re living in an age when people don’t need to be the strongest (physically) or belong to a certain lineage before they can have all the opportunity in the world to rise to certain positions.

We’re living in an age when the physically weakest of humans can sit side by side with the greatest.

Great inventions have proven beyond doubt the amount of intellectual and immaterial wisdom, energy and ability reserved in the deepest parts of the mind—either, not yet accessed, or yet to be tapped.

Despite the intellectual height that has been attained here and there around the world, we cannot deny the obvious fact that many live amongst us who are still unable to utilize their minds as much as is actually possible—this has cost and degraded them, and probably the lives of other people living around them.

Human beings bemoan the loss of our forests, the depletion of oil and coal; humans decry the waste in resources and factories in war-torn zones.

However, the greatest waste of all is the waste of potential mind power, and probably spirit!

Most psychologists and people believe the average person uses only ten per cent of their mind power

Yes, each person has unlimited mind power—which is one hundred per cent complete. As is widely believed, most people use only about ten per cent of their mind’s full capacity—which is just their consciousness alone.

It is believed that the remaining ninety per cent of each person’s mind is subconscious, and is super rich in knowledge.

So by making active use of only ten per cent, which is the conscious part of the mind, one is exercising only a small part of their total ability—meaning that they are running on low gear.

This also implies that there is unlimited mind power in everybody, but most people don’t know how to take hold of it and use it.

And the major reason why many people don’t achieve great success in life is because they are contented with running on low gear—a.k.a. surface energy.

If the same people would change their mindsets and influence their subconscious minds to develop ideas, they would be able to move higher up and probably influence others to do same—or even more.

Even with GOD’s active powers sleeping within us, the crowning achievement for some of us is to remain on a level that is only a little bit more eventful than that of plants or animals.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature is persistently calling on us to awaken the power within us and become more active than we have been.


So our first aim is to believe that we have intellectual mind power.

Of course, most people know how the mind operates; but before they can use it properly, they have to realize that they possess more untapped power in their minds.

So it rests upon us to understand and utilize our minds more properly, and consistently put it to work.

History has witnessed lifestyles of wasteful intellectual mind power which current generations can prevent from reoccurring because we are in an age when people are consistently being reminded that spirit and mind are key—this information is everywhere.

The Golden Age has witnessed great people tap ideas, treasures and resources from deep within their minds to the surface—and gained astounding influence, wealth and power.

Even psychologists, academicians, spiritualists, meta-physicians—name it—all agree that the quality of the mind is all that matters when it comes to making it in life.

People will likely become whatever they make up their minds to become. Each of us has unlimited potentials and power, which, if properly harnessed and directed, can lift us higher than the level we are.

We have the power to be great thinkers and doers, and it’s our duty to learn how to use that power which is located deep within our minds.

Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

68 thoughts on “The journey of mankind and the use of potential mind power”

    1. thanks for your meaningful suggestion 👍…at times I wonder why most schools and universities haven’t made it compulsory for students to take 1 or few courses on subjects/topics related to mind development, control, and maybe usage… it would help a lot of students and graduates who are in different types of situations

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      1. Just one mental technique out of many being my personal favourite, it would indeed help a lot if people would be trained in mental issues to in order to reach a little bit more self-control and awareness. Cheers.

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  1. You said, Quote…

    “However, the greatest waste of all, is the waste of potential mind power, and probably spirit!” And you also wrote, “Yes, each person has unlimited mind power—which is one hundred per cent complete. As is widely believed, most people use only about ten per cent of their mind’s full capacity—which is just their consciousness alone.”

    Of your whole article, which I took great pleasure in reading, indubitably, I want to impart a particular parallel which will actually substantiate what you said.

    Here is another interesting comparative that scientists of the psychological type, also, point out: Only 10% of what humans communicate is done through speech (speaking/writing). In only these, 90% of what is communicated in speech and writing, alone, Is completely taken in subconsciously! Again…90% of what our brains are “Allowed” to do in capacity, is all subconscious…including our responses to what other’s do. To me, being “Conscious” is slippery and elusive…for now. By your article, I don’t feel it’s as elusive as it seems and only for the time being.

    And now we are in the age of “Consciousness.” Some…or many, Like you, Ihagh are very much striving to progress this era. We’ve been evolving the “human” through spirit for all these millennia, and we’ve only gotten to 10% brain capacity in all that. But isn’t interesting to note that, in science and consciousness, of late, EVERYTHING is advancing incredibly fast. For example, from the concept of flying machines (Is relatively new concept developed over just a few hundred years) from only an idea, all the way to space flight…MANNED space flight!!! Of flight, that only happened in the last hundred years or so. And of concept of flight before that…it remained in concept only as fantasy and metaphor…for thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of years. But in only 100 they are actualized and exponentially developed in such a time as is absolutely astounding!!!!!

    And I think consciousness is running parallel to that thanks to people like you who write about the subject from a fairly concrete standpoint…which mean the reality of it is becoming more and more…concrete! Real!!!

    Keep it up, Ihagh…Keep it up! I love this article, and I thought it deserved a proportional degree of thought to how much I esteem this article.

    Peace and Love in Spirit!

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    1. Ian, I have to be totally speechless to your meaningful comments too much for me to do a payback 😄 by drawing parallels too… you’ve said a lot of many points I could even turn into a post

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  2. You know Ihagh? I never know if to take that as a compliment or a hint to not comment so expansively. On one hand, I REALLY want to just participate and “Add” things. Like I said, only 10 percent of speech communicates of what we are aware of, and of what you said, only 10% of the mind can engage what needs to be done and how to do it.
    Do you know this euphemism? “It take a village.” LOL. When I write an article, I almost always feel guilty for not being able to communicate everything I want to say because my articles are too long (by some standards). And from my perspective, I never say all I want to say…BUT…then some one will comment and “Add” to what I said…and to me, THAT MAKES IT EASY…and so I say, “Oh Man! I am so glad you said that….” ROFL!!!
    “It takes a village.” Until we all get to 100%…it will take a village to get there!
    Lastly and about your last article, I did mean to write more then I did in comment about that one you wrote, but I cut out the bulk of it and put it in my own blog in my most recent article…which was taken, in idea, from yours. So…
    I guess I just have a lot to say…LOL…and all that you say, I really appreciate it…more than you know…only about…say…10%

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    1. I got your point about not being to write extensively as you would love to… it happens to me too, so I appreciate when people bring new ideas in comments…

      so you’ve put out a recent article? I will check it but might have problem commenting as I’ve been having problem commenting on a number of blogs where I have no choice other than to “like” and leave

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      1. that happens to me, too. I find that if I go to my WordPress stats page and find the article in question of those that I particularly follow and I click on The title of the article of interest, then it opens up direct link ONLY to the like and comment aspect. DO NOT CLICK VIEW ARTICLE…that will take you to that actual blog site where you may be more subject to that bloggers blog settings which might be more restrictive in considering NON-followers.

        LOL. It doesn’t work if you aren’t an actual follower

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        1. in my case, there are people whom I follow, but my comments don’t appear on their posts after I make them… recently a blogger advised we followers to unfollow the people we follow, and follow them back again… and that after we do that, most of their comments would stop disappearing, or appearing in spam folder; also the owners of blogs would be able to see comments… the thing is that different categories of people have been complaining

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          1. What you mention here is a GREAT thing to know.. I’m gonna put that feather in my cap…so really appreciate that. It’s a frustration that now less frustrating. Thanks!

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  3. that’s interesting about blog followers…hmm. I think the best we can do, we who are concerned about raising consciousness, is to live as in as much awareness as we can; to be what we believe, in humility and love. Sometimes also, for one who is ready and ripe- a single word and a new thought can open inner eyes. We never can know how we affect one another. Making every word and deed and thought count is the art of being human; to transcend our limitations lies in the realm of Spirit and putting ourselves in the way of Grace.

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    1. thanks 👍 alot for your detailed and thoughtful comment, rich and educative in every sense…actually we have to live right with our fellow humans: love, etc… I actually hinted this in my original writing but ended up deleting it for a reason I may not be able to share…

      if you were referring to the blog followers, the way I think 🤔 I understood you based on previous comments, that’s just the reality… you comment on followers blogs; it either disappears completely, or it enters their spam folder…this happens even after I read the whole post…. the other time, I had to inform the owner of a blog that hosted my post as a guest post on his site of about 10,000 followers… do you know I made a comment on the (my) guest post and he only saw it in the spam folder after I contacted him over email concerning previous problems, and he checked… do you know after he approved one comment out of the 4 I sent as replies to visitors comments, the rest kept going through directly without his approval, and without entering spam folder…

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        1. thanks for your positive words… we are in the same boat: I prefer viewing/reading mind-enriching material, or seeking for the vast wisdom in the heart, rather than sitting down to watch TV

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          1. Long ago I found this quote and included it in a blog post.
            If you numb your heart with too much liquor and lies. You will stay in places you don’t belong far too long and miss the places you are supposed to be. Jose Chavez
            I think of liquor as any addiction or distraction or escape that takes one away from the discomfort and self reflection that would inspire change. That would include TV although of course I do think indulging that way can be good (if only it did not take away from the time to work on the things I really want).
            I think of the lies in terms of how we lie to ourselves and live a life that is not meaningful but rather passive as though we are following what is expected vs blazing our own trails.
            I am so grateful for this life and want nothing more than to go to the places I am meant to be.
            It is a good boat!! ☺️

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            1. I picked value reading your wise words… anything one puts their time into, is passive (or not deep), can be compared with a lie… good enough we can distinguish between what is of real value, and what is unreal or of less value…and select the appropriate boat

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              1. Right… our own boat indeed. To each their own way. So much diversity and difference in people, the key is to know and honour your self.

                I feel I spent half my life denying my deeper thinking to fit around me. Yet as I allow myself to be the deeper woman that I am. A lightness of being emerges that is far more full of delight than anything I could have been by TRYING to be light and fun!
                Have a lovely day and thank you for the conversation!

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                1. your experience is somewhat similar to mine… while growing up and gaining more consciousness of our world, I’ve dropped many things people considered “lively”, and accepted what I think are ok… nice conversations… thanks for your time 👍

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                2. I just remember I made a comment on your post yesterday, and didn’t see it again when I just checked your blog now… its a problem I have been encountering on some blog posts…some other bloggers have been experiencing the same thing too… I will appreciate if you can check your spam folder; maybe it might have gone there; or else, it might have disappeared…

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                    1. I made a comment on your post titled: be your own kind of magic… it might not be in the post, especially if you have to approve it first… if it’s not in spam folder, then it’s gone…I couple of bloggers, myself too, usually see some good comments in spam folder… in fact I’ve gotten used to checking mine every day

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                    2. you can’t find spam folder, or you can’t find the comment? if it is spam folder you meant, then under your admin, go to “site”, under site you will see “comments”, and under comments you will see spam, approved, and other types of comments…if you get there, then check or open “spam”

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                    3. Yes I found it now. I blog mostly from my phone..even long pieces and it does not show the Spam folder. I just found it now on my lap top. Thank you for your comment and taking the time to read my blog plus follow!

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    1. thanks 👍 so much Eugenia… deep appreciations for your encouraging words… maybe I have to say happy birthday 🎂 here since I said it on your post a few days ago but it seemed the comment either entered your spam folder or disappeared like a couple of my comments do on some other blog posts…I’ve gotten used to it though, and it seems to be the experience of some other bloggers too…because of related issues I’ve gotten used to checking my spam folder everyday

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      1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! 😊 I understand about disappearing comments or some end up in spam. I seem to have the same issues and I don’t think we’re alone. I must remember to check my spam folder more frequently. Cheers!

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    1. thanks 👍… you made a good remark: the aspect of guns, air pollution and environmental degradation (amongst other aspects) is where we have wasted our mind power; or we haven’t used our mind power adequately in some areas of life…

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  4. GT,

    In Eternity we will have full capacity to a redeemed mind. I believe before the flood and far in the past men did have more usage of their brain. Sadly because of our sinful human nature the Lord has limited us from opening up these parts of our mind. Would we want a wicked genius going nuts on people. However, I do believe that the Lord does open the mind of His children. That is how so many impossible things have come about. The key is surrendering our whole self and then He gives us what we need.



    On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 10:42 AM Motivation & Environment wrote:

    > Ihagh G. T. posted: “The journey and history of humanity has been filled > with awesome wonders, challenges, and even downfalls in between. All the > same, there has been great progress even though a lot of waste has occurred > here and there; this shouldn’t be allowed to continue:” >

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    1. from information I have gathered about the distant past, I agree with you that men seemed to have utilized their brains and powerful subconscious minds much more in the ancient past…over the ages, it seems lawless and selfish manmade activities have impacted negatively on mankind’s spirituality and intellectual ability

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      1. Sadly, we are seeing men and women going more uneducated and primitive, almost animal like. I teach high school and I see the self-stunting of students with drugs and that disturbs me. Is this how people will end up before the end?

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        1. we’re in the same shoes… I taught undergraduate university students for several years, and agreed with other teaching colleagues of mine that the level of brilliance in students, as compared to the past, is generally dropping; while drug usage is skyrocketing…and it doesn’t seem like coming to an end… too much dependence on technology, phones, ebooks seems to have made students generally lazy, when compared to the past when such things weren’t as prevalent as today


                1. I’m currently residing in Nigeria…do you live in USA? since you say it’s worldwide, then it seems you’ve gotten a handful of information about the issue from many sources

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                  1. Yes, I am in Southern California. What happens here is an indicator of what happens to the US. So, as my pastor says we are in a missionfield.


  5. Epistemologically speaking, your post made for a great read – I grew up with my family advising me that ‘knowledge is power – to believe without understanding is the act of mental bankrupt.’ It reminded me of that. Keep it up and thanks for dropping by my blog.

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