Matter, atoms & quantum energy: why are they completely under the control of those who are spiritually minded?

(Image credit: All matter/material things, regardless of size, have essentially the same material—the only difference is in the number of protons or electrons…knowledge about atoms could help modern science understand why matter can be partially or completely controlled by spiritually minded people.

Throughout history there has been a lot of fascination about how spiritually minded people easily control matter/material things without having to go through all the rigors that science and materially minded people usually go through.

People tend to think that matter (for example: the human body, and all material things) and spirit are two different entities that don’t usually have a great connection.

This has been the mindset of most people who are ignorant about the powerful abilities of the human spirit.

Nevertheless, matter and spirit are much more connected than has been assumed. In fact, there is ample evidence that human thoughts can influence the morphology of the human body, and other material things too.

Those who are in control of their spirit have always known this, and have been using their knowledge to control material things and affairs much more easily in the world of matter.

The spiritually minded often achieve a lot of things without using the enormous amount of physical materials, effort and time that science usually employs to achieve the same things.

Listed below are just a few things that spiritually minded people do without wasting any material resources—human, or otherwise:

  • healing people from far distances; or healing nearby by laying hands.
  • control of blood pressure and body temperature—to the astonishment of medical doctors.
  • levitation, and control of natural forces.
  • etc.—too many to mention.

The one thing that can be noticed in all these activities is that each of them consists of matter, invisible atoms, and some degree or quantity of what science calls “quantum energy”.

A brief look at invisible atoms, matter & quantum energy

Science tells us that atoms consist of positive and negative subatomic particles of force or energy called protons and electrons, respectively.

Protons and electrons (which are restless, never static, dynamic) pulsate with life, and contain whirling bits of energy that many people could consider to be a bit more spiritual than material!

Each matter/material thing consists of atoms which in turn consist of a number of protons and electrons; throughout the ages, it seems real spiritually minded people always knew about this, and probably saw protons and electrons.

The quantum energy in atoms or matter is in discrete (separate: distinct) packs of energy also known as minimum energy, which is the value of “physical property” involved in any “interaction”.

Note the term and word, “physical property” and “interaction”, respectively; quantum energy is involved in interactions.

One of the stand-out features of quantum energy is “entanglement”, which is a description of particles that are mysteriously linked with other particles regardless of their distances apart.

Some research groups have succeeded in entangling not just a few particles, but also different clouds of thousands of atoms.

Entangled particles share properties in such a way that makes them depend on each other even when they are separated by very long distances.

Albert Einstein famously called entanglement “spooky [mysterious: supernatural] action at a distance”. Why? Because when one particle is altered, it affects other particles instantaneously.

Generally, if we look at science’s point of view, all matter (water, mountains, environment, etc.), regardless of size, consists of essentially the same material; the only difference is in the number of protons or electrons each matter consists of.

Science regards atoms as the ultimate thing behind all forms of matter, irrespective of how big or small they are.

Human bodies and everything in the material world are believed to consist of atoms: infinitesimal and indestructible particles of matter that are too small to be seen or touched.

Atoms have two charged particles; both of them are electrical in nature: one is negative electricity (the tiny particle called “electron” which fans of radio are familiar with), while the other one is positive electricity (the tiny particle called “proton”).

Also, chemical compounds are built from protons and electrons. Lead, iron, oxygen, silver, gold and other elements only differ from one another in terms of the number and arrangement of electrons and protons each of them comprises of.

The thing to note is this: soil, oceans, mountains, rocks and everything can be broken down into particles that are indivisible and invisible—a bit short of what we may call “purely spiritual”.


With all the great discoveries and inventions, modern science might finally come to understand that what we call matter consists of energetic particles that can be partially or completely controlled by spiritually minded people who tend to have varying degrees of influence on spirit.

Contrary to what most people think—especially those who are way off the spiritual path—most forms of matter cannot be controlled or influenced by the use of the five physical human senses, scientific experiments and laboratory apparatus.

In the future, science will likely discover that invisible quantum energy is more subject to spiritual power and spiritual laws, which by their nature, find it easy to manipulate atoms and matter, and make anything possible regardless of how great it could look.

We might not be far away from the truth if we safely assume that those who live in the spirit automatically reside in the domain where invisible atoms and quantum energy can be easily influenced and controlled.

The signs are in every invention and great deed! With enlightenment permeating everywhere, mankind seems to be getting closer and closer to having complete understanding and conviction about what Jesus said about 2,000 years ago:

  • “if you have faith (what may be called “control”) as little as a grain of mustard seed,you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

The most powerful forces in the material world are the invisible ones such as heat, light, air, electricity; so also, the most powerful force that lords it over the material and invisible spiritual world is the spirit which directs both mind and thoughts.

And just as the forces in the material world can fuse many physical objects, so also can the spirit fuse matter and invisible quantum energy—and even destinies.

Reality is what you choose it to be. Reality is what you make it!

Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who writes about motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

24 thoughts on “Matter, atoms & quantum energy: why are they completely under the control of those who are spiritually minded?”

    1. thanks for your encouraging remark and spot-on observation…I agree with you: in terms of controlling matter and invisible energy, spirituality has an upper hand over science.


  1. Good one my friend. I agree with it completely. It is all about energy and consciousness and our thoughts. We are the creators of our realities.
    And yes the material and the spiritual are two sides of the same coin 😇

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  2. There is simply no matter without spirit and vice versa. On science bit there is actually not that much difference between science and magic as ironic as it might seem and many, who had done research and practiced, would agree these days. Embrace the WHOLE I say, why not

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  3. What you write about science is not the reality. In fact modern cosmology and physics like for example the diverse string theories, the dark energy assumption or the idea of a multi-cosmos seem to be more a new religion of 21st century and is not all very rational while all this can not be proven in the time being.

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    1. you are going too far away and missing the point of the post which is this: that spirituality has the upper hand over science when it comes to the unseen things and energies of physical life…good enough your comments show that you are aware your physical sciences have a lot to catch up with when compared to the precision of spirituality which you might not have awareness about—probably why you didn’t mention it even a bit… this post would enlighten those who reason in line with the way you do…

      the intention of the post is not meant to be as deep and broad as those either deeply knowledgeable or interested in the field of energy might want it to be…

      on the other hand the basic definitions of atoms and quantum energy are in line, except you don’t like them; and those who are spiritually inclined would admit that the physical things which you and other people depend on and use in assessing and weighing physical matter are no where near what an efficient spirit can perceive or discern when it comes to seeing and influencing invisible physical forms of energy…

      the plain truth is that many spiritualists know much more about the real nature of dark energy, multi cosmos, and even black holes than most scientists do…and as usual, it will take science a ton of time to get there…


  4. I agree with rawnaturespirit: spirit and matter are one and the same. Spirit is having a go in the lila manifestation of time and space. Quantuum physicists are right there. Possibilities abound.

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  5. A lot of times I get a lot of ideas about “life and death” of what humans are still grappling with in the ineffable ( no words to describe) creation. Tanusri said that spiritual power is the highest power. Suburban Tracks said that, essentially, New science is false and is a new religion.

    Hmmmm. For these two things mentioned, I always consider what people say as a degree of “t”ruth. Of “T”ruth, that’s for God…God in as much as some would would have courage to understand of the Ineffable (no words to describe…what any may have a sense of but…can’t say because no words to frame what we sense as a knowing within ourselves).

    In the “Ineffable” we may safe consider “t”ruth as we never stop trying to discover “T”ruth. In the mean time, we use the words we know that frame our own Ideas…and they “May” be part of the great “T”ruth, but we still use only words that are, almost always, “t”rue…if we are not willfully lying. I get NO SENSE that anyone here is lying…not at all.

    Ihagh, I am so grateful you are in this world with such an openness about the coming in to knowledge at both ends; spirit and science. And I suspect there are even more entries and exists in to BOUNDLESS AND COUNTLESS realties (lands upon the lands that we also own – or “t”ruths within “T”ruths.

    All is well in the Land Of Ihagh, and I love visiting because the “Vistas” are so open and expansive…and beautiful!

    Thanks Ihagh!!!

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    1. thanks so much for your always detailed ✌️✌️, and well expressed ideas… this particular comment has directed my mind to sum and assess the views expressed in the various comments from readers…my opinion in the post, might not be spot-on in terms of what reality is, but one thing is sure as the main point I was trying to make: spirituality has the upper hand; many things that spiritualists have known for ages, are just what science is getting to know now in the past 100 years or so… really, as you said, and I believe: more entries exist in boundless and countless realities out there… GOD’s power is awesome beyond words and descriptions…hope your day has been good 😄

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  6. Hello GT,

    When my Sci-Fi book is ready I want to make sure to let you know. I love the idea of God inspiring and opening up the minds of those who seek Him.


    On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 12:10 AM Motivation & Environment wrote:

    > Ihagh G. T. posted: “Throughout history there has been a lot of > fascination about how spiritually minded people easily control > matter/material things without having to go through all the rigors that > science and materially minded people usually go through. People tend to > think” >

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  7. Reminds me of the alien visitor who was abducted for stopping time with his pocket watch and meant, “You cannot steal this technology. It’s beyond your science. It is connected to my soul.” – Wonder Woman TV series.

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  8. I think that there is a strong connection between body and mind. A positive attitude and laughter can have a positive impact on our health. However, we are human beings and not gods.


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