The irresistible urge to always achieve something greater

No matter how relaxed and laid back we become at any point in life, there is always something that urges us to aim higher, or achieve something greater.

Even when we are lazy, this urge doesn’t allow us to have peace, or be at rest—also, it reminds us to put our hearts to work and not be lazy.

It is this “something” that inspired Isaac Newton to discover the Laws of Motion; the same something motivated Christopher Columbus to make several trips across the Atlantic Ocean; it turned Thomas Edison from a train boy to one of the best geniuses of all time; also, it elevated Henry Ford from a poor engineer at age thirty to arguably the richest man in the world at age sixty.

This same something, which still exists in this generation as it did in the past, keeps some people from various backgrounds and disciplines working and achieving much more than the average man or woman of today.

This something keeps on reminding us that we can achieve anything we want and become anything—and we know that this something could be right.

That something which is within us, is a spark from the universe—a spark from the creator of the universe. Some people call this something ambition, while others call it aspiration probably because it inspires, motivates and drives us through life.

Unfortunately, many of us have diminished or killed “the urge to be greater” with our attitude—so it has run away from us

If we look at our past, it will be obvious that during our childhood, teenage, and even adult years, we always had this something—this ambition and driver of life—but for reasons best known to us, we allowed our relaxed and laid-back attitude to diminish or kill this something.

The fact that this something has always reminded us to achieve greater things, should be strong enough to inspire ambition, and keep that drive alive and running.

If we don’t make any effort to consistently keep that drive running, we will likely not be able to achieve any appreciable results on a long term basis.

The existence of misunderstanding is due to lack of understanding: in order to eliminate misunderstanding, we only have to acquire understanding

In reality, darkness can only exist where there is lack of light, and vice-versa. If you turn on light where there is darkness, darkness will vanish immediately—sickness is merely the absence of good health.

In the same vein, poverty is caused by lack of supply; on the other hand, whoever finds an avenue for supply, will wipe out poverty.

If we have disappointments and our ambitions become blunted along the road of life, we have to do all we can to pre-occupy our minds with belief that we will always find a way to over-turn the tides.


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