Faith: the superpower that materializes desires & gives new life to dying ambitions

We live in a world that doesn’t give us too many ideas on how to face the challenges of tomorrow—which come in a number and variety of forms, shapes and sizes.

Many people live through the day and sleep at night asking themselves how they can make their living conditions better.

Every day we are haunted with questions about how we are going to handle this worrying thought, or approach that worrying problem.

Good enough, one of the greatest businesses of life lies in thinking and having faith in one’s self and the future.

If we have sufficient faith in ourselves, then we can control our thoughts to a great extent and be well on the way to controlling most of our circumstances.

Faith is the superpower that helps people handle the positives and negatives of tomorrow’s gifts and challenges: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”—Hebrews 11:1 of the Holy Bible.

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Just take a look around you and you will see men and women who, after years of hopelessly struggling, suddenly acquire untold wealth or materialize their most cherished dreams.

Faith turned their dreams into reality, gave new life to their dying ambitions, and put them on the road to success.

Faith—deep belief—is a superpower that is usually inspired by someone or something; it always inspires some people to turn defeats into successes and wins.

The shield of faith

Regardless of what people think about faith, one undeniable fact is that daily doses of positivity create a strong shield of faith against thoughts that tend to make us forget we have a hidden but strong dominant power sleeping deep within us.

GOD has entitled us to every good thing. Therefore, we should learn how to get used to expecting good things regardless of any situation at hand—we should expect nothing but good.

Victory doesn’t need to be followed by shaky thoughts of defeat: victory should follow victory. And how can we ensure that? By always feeding ourselves with positive thoughts, and having unshakeable faith in ourselves.

Remember that the shield of faith always has the ability to halt the effects of the negative thoughts that develop limitations against us. Limitations are as a result of accumulating negative thoughts for days, months, or even years.

We do not have to allow negative thinking bring any limitation into our lives. Remember that once acquired, the shield of faith will always dispel negativity and attract every good thing for us—it will move mountains for us.

There is every reason for you to understand that you ere titled to the everlasting generosity of GOD. Every substance and product people have used or created out of nature’s supply of abundance, depends on the purity of positive thought or positive thinking.

Developing the shield of faith

When it comes to developing the shield of faith, the problem most of us have is that we are not mentally strong; in fact, some/many of us are mentally lazy. It is much easier for most of us to follow the crowd rather than break free from them and follow a path that can really benefit us on the long term.

The greatest geniuses, discoverers, and inventors in all fields of life have been men and women who dared to break away from the traditional and normal routes.

They believed there is no limit to what their minds can do; they stuck to their beliefs until they achieved their goals—even in the face of ridicule and criticism.

In addition, they never felt that they achieved everything after achieving just one success, or a few successes. There first successes only made further successes materialize much more easily.

They knew some things many people didn’t and don’t know: they realized that they are part of a universe filled with abundance, and that the Earth as a part of it, shares the same properties as the whole universe—this gave them the faith to strive for any good and right thing.

They knew that the only threatening limitation was the inability to think and work towards what they desired. Because of their faith, each step they made, regardless of circumstances, propelled them forward and upward ever—and they just kept going on and on and on.

For instance, Edison didn’t just think about electric light, sit down and fold his arms; he thought about it many times over, and took many steps before inventing it.

William James, a famous psychologist, once stated: “The more mind does, the more it can do”—we must keep looking and moving forward!

Faith strengthens ideas that releases energy and makes people do much more than they ever did before. Actually, we can know and achieve more than we have ever known or achieved.


Get up, stretch your mind beyond the usual extent, understand the superpower called faith, practice, and get your own share of the unlimited supply which is available in nature.

There are unlimited ways through which the abundance of nature—GOD’s generosity—can get to you. Do not think that there are only one or few channels through which nature can send gifts to you—there are uncountable channels.

Your job is to believe and have faith to the extent that your good desires are impressed on your whole mind, especially the subconscious. As you do this, you will develop the right mental attitude of always expecting and attracting good things.

And the right mental attitude doesn’t fail; it only fails if we allow worry, fear, negativity and laziness conquer our minds.

“According to your faith, be it done unto you”—Jesus Christ.


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