Excuses: the major types of excuses that shouldn’t be allowed to hinder us from success

The more focussed and hard-working an individual is, the lesser they tend to make excuses. Successful people seldom give excuses; they bottle them up, and—most often than not—instead of complaining, they get down to the root of business and look for solutions to issues…on the other hand, people who are not focussed and hardworking, and have no plans to get anywhere, always have a truckload of excuses to give. Excuses appear in different forms, but the most common types seem to be associated with phrases like “bad luck”, “low intelligence”, and “old age”—and sometimes, “young age” too. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

The more focussed and hard-working and individual is, the lesser they have the tendency to make excuses related to why certain goals or achievements haven’t been realized.

On the other hand, the fellow who is not focussed, not hardworking, and has no plans to get anywhere, always has a truckload of excuses.

Although it is true that successful people could have excuses, they seldom complain or tell other people about it; they bottle their excuses up, and don’t cry and try to explain why they can’t—or why they haven’t been able to do certain things.

Most often than not, instead of complaining, successful people get down to the root of business and look for solutions to issues.

The major types of excuses we shouldn’t allow to distract us from success

Excuses appear in different forms, but the most common ones seem to be associated with phrases like “bad luck”, “low intelligence”, and “old age”—or sometimes, “young age” too.

(1) Bad luck

Comments like this have been quite common in our world: “my case is different from that of other people because I attract bad luck”.

Hardly does a day pass by without someone blaming their problems on bad luck; also, it’s rare not to hear someone ascribe other people’s successes to “good” luck.

People who possess the qualities of real leaders and achieve great things, do so because they have superior attitudes, beliefs and work ethics; regardless of luck, intelligence, and age.

Certain people learn and make profit from setbacks, unlike others who allow setbacks weigh them down.

Although life is designed to deliver good things, regardless of luck, intelligence or age, we have to always concentrate on developing qualities that will make us consistent winners.

(2) Intelligence

The saying that “I lack brains” is quite common; unlike other types of excuses, people who harbor this particular excuse, do so in silence.

Not too many people would admit that they lack enough intelligence; rather, they quietly harbor the feeling deep within themselves.

Most of us make two major mistakes when we evaluate intelligence: we underestimate our own intelligence—or brain power—and we overate other people’s intelligence.

Because of these mistakes, many people end up disappointing themselves and failing to face challenging situations with courage; on the other hand, the people who aren’t bothered about how intelligent they are, usually get things done.

Although intelligence is important, the belief and attitude that guides intelligence has a greater positive impact than the quantity (high or low) of intelligence itself.

The most important thing is how you use what you have; this doesn’t depend on the amount of intelligence you have.

When answering the question: “Should your child be a scientist?”, Dr. Edward Teller, a renowned physicist said: “a child does not need a lightning-fast mind in order to become a scientist, nor does he need a miraculous memory, nor is it necessary that he gets very high grades in school. The only point that counts is that the child should have a high degree of interest in science”.

This implies that interest is a critical factor—even in science. The truth is that a person who has an IQ of 90 along with a positive, optimistic and zealous attitude, will succeed and achieve much more success than an individual who has an IQ of 120 along with a negative, pessimistic and lazy attitude.

Each individual only needs a little “interested sense” to stick to around something—a task or project—until it pays off.

Sticking around with interest pays much better dividends than idle intelligence, even if the idle intelligence is as high as the one possessed by geniuses; stickability—sticking to an activity— is about ninety per cent or more of one’s ability.

Each person’s attitude is much more important than their intelligence.

(3) Age

This saying is quite common too: “There is no need to try; I am too old”—or also, “I am too young”.

Many people give excuses that they are not at the “right age”. It’s unfortunate how people think negatively about age; this has closed many doors of opportunities on countless number of people who think there is something wrong with their age—they don’t bother to make any attempt to achieve certain things because of age.

It is not how old or young that is important; rather, it is one’s attitude toward their age that will make their age a blessing, or a curse.

Anyone who destroys fears due to age, will add more lively years to their life and success. Regardless of your age, use your time to do what you really want and love doing.

You will be on the road to failure once you allow your mind accept the thought that it’s too late to achieve anything.

Stop saying or thinking: “I should have started last year, or some time ago”—this type of thinking will derail you away from success; put your foot on the accelerator and start moving from any position you find yourself.

Instead of thinking about how much your life has been wasted, think about how you can make your remaining years productive; believe that your best days are still ahead of you.

Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

50 thoughts on “Excuses: the major types of excuses that shouldn’t be allowed to hinder us from success”

  1. You right man…excuses are the largest hinder to success and people are not willing to let go of excuses habit so maybe excuses habit is highly addictive just like lying habit but nothing is impossible with God. Enjoy your day dear friend.

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  2. Re: bad luck

    Ecclesiastes 9:11 KJVS
    I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

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    1. One Bible verse is not enough to give a reasonable case for excuses regarding bad luck and chance… badluck is not a good excuse

      the same Bible has verses that disprove bad luck which your verse didn’t spell out as “bad luck” specifically:

      Proverbs 14: 23: In all toil there is profit, but mere talk (excuses) tends only to poverty.

      Proverbs 12: 24: The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

      Proverbs 12: 27: Whoever is slothful will not roast his game, but the diligent man will get precious wealth.

      Proverbs 21: 50: The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes to poverty

      Proverbs 10: 4: A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

      Proverbs 13: 4: The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

      In summary, any person who puts their hands and heart to work, will be blessed; regardless of age, race, chance, color, karma, or any other excuses.

      Maybe the bad luck or chance you tried to point out in your verse is more attributed to people who want to sit back, relax, and wait for heaven or hell to do their bidding…Life shouldn’t be so

      the way people make their beds, is the way they will relax on it; people will face the consequences of being diligent, or giving excuses and being slothful…

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      1. I have to disagree, Bad Luck is a state of being which has to be endured, sometimes no matter how hard your try or how many different directions you try to go nothing goes right. It is often like being in a bubble. It is not an excuse for not achieving it is a reason why some people find it too hard to keep going on only the strong and determined will persevere.

        Some lazy people will sit back and say it is bad luck this is an excuse for not wanting to achieve or to have someone else do it for them.

        Sometime the hard work before luck comes into play can be oh so many years. (Personal experience)

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            1. no, it’s just based on my experience… what people call bad luck at the moment, doesn’t appear as badluck in the future, especially for those who remain positive and use what some people call “bad luck” to become wiser, or elevate higher…so if the so-called badluck changes to goodluck, then it’s not badluck… in fact it’s no luck, just circumstances for progress; nothing bad at all…that’s all…depends on how people see it

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              1. There is a difference between bad luck and negative events in life. bad luck can go on for many years with the recipient trying to find solutions and ways out of their never ending ordeal. The there are negative events which occur to teach us lessons on how to deal with people. Bad Luck is often other worldly.

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                1. thank GOD everybody is entitled to their own views…badluck has no existence for me because all experiences in life on the eternal scale are nothing but progress…its unfortunate that what some people call badluck are really opportunities for redemption and progress; this can never be badluck…I think the thing is that each of us have different spiritual eyes… when people look at life on a physical, material or short term basis, and immediate circumstances, experiences that are actually eternal and spiritual opportunities, could be erroneously called badluck…as for me, all things (not one or a few) work together for good; meaning, all things are goodluck—if I have to include luck…. so every experience is progress, not badluck

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  3. Beautiful soul, I have nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award. Please check my latest blog post. Thank you for adding so much beauty/inspiration/insight into my life. In the light, Susana*

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    1. thanks alot for the nomination, Susana; and also for the phrase “beautiful soul”…do give me some time to honor the nomination, probably in my next two or three posts…


      1. I really, really appreciate your work dear Ihagh. You are a great writer with quite amazing perspectives that adds so much to our lives. I feel blessed for being connected. Much light beautiful soul. S* 🌟

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  4. Very interesting article, Ihagh. All good points about excuses and the types of excuses that there can be. It seems to me that one would have to be a very brave soul to take on the matter at hand; excuses.

    Lord! I hate the very word, and I do my best to expunge this word from my vocabulary, and I have been pretty darn successful at this because I despise this word so much. It is a cursed word because it invokes a curse.

    For instance, I will tell you about a particular perspective I’ve gained and why it is active in my life regarding my aversion to the word “Excuse.” I only ever hear this word in judgment. Any that use this word often don’t use it correctly. Often times they mean “Lying” instead of “Excuse.” If done so, then the perpetrator of the word does not seek “Reason.”

    “I could not come to the party because my daughter is graduating on that day.” But you said you’d come and we planned this ages ago. You’re just making excuses!

    Is the one going to the graduation lying, or is he giving a reason? Do we know?

    The one who called out for an “Excuse” just turned the father’s reason into a non-reality; a bad thing! It’s a curse…and THAT is some bad luck to be cursed so.

    So, excuses…I have to remember this because why I kicked this word out of my vocabulary has a source…a reason. I see it as a curse…a word of power with dark intent that can make the sane into something of darkness; unreason and insane. Who would use this dark word upon another?

    Someone willing to play around with judgment. Anyone using it…be very careful. It can truly destroy someone; their mind and their spirit…and sometimes this could extend into the body…like…what happens when someone overly invalidates another’s reality by calling their reason an excuse. I’ve seen that outcome; the straw that broke the camel’s back…just by one curse.

    It’s an informative article, Ihagh.

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    1. thanks for your encouraging comments…each time I read your comments, I appreciate the unique experiences you attach to them…really, in my opinion, people who use the word “excuse”, don’t use it correctly… like you have done, I have also kicked it out of my personal dictionary

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  5. Your posts are always so positive and encouraging. I saw this on Linkedin, which there are several variations of it, and felt it would resonate with you – “You only live once – false, you live every day, you only die once!

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    1. thanks Eugenia, I really appreciate your positive remark and contribution: we live only once, only die only once; so, in my opinion, it’s better to live a life that is empty of excuses


  6. There is another perspective as well that I would contribute in favor of this article, but I would preface it by mentioning “Duality.” I guess this word actually much more than two active principles in opposition to one another; in the same space and time. There are more than two because each opposition principle have only degrees of truth; every point can be countered with equivalent truth or no one would be able to pull of countering verses from scripture; even if it is one against six; scripturally and 2 con to 6 pros regarding any controversy. Two in opposition does not make the 6 in favor absolute, nor do they nullify 6 counters that oppose 2 advisaries. 6:2 is very strong! It is a powerful argument for or against something, yet…there is two. What are the weight of the 2 as compared to the 6?

    Every point you made, Ihagh, are all valid. They sit well within their own merits where ever they apply, and OF COURSE they apply to many circumstances. I see no actual conflict in any that may seem to oppose the odds.

    I do not oppose the principle by hind the word “Excuse.” I know what is meant by it; I know the implications of the meaning when it is used, but I also think discernment prevents generalization; and prudence in the words use can prevent a lot of negative consequence if nuance is considered; the proper context.

    Too many people use this word without discernment.

    “The work isn’t being done! Get it done now!” But I have all this other work to do because 3 people called out sick.” I don’t care! If we don’t get this work done, we will loose our client…get it done, I don’t want to hear excuses!” I’m doing the best I can. “Your best isn’t good enough! Get it done NOW!”

    Who is in enforcement of this word “Excuse?” Is this power, or is this force? Is it reasoned, or is it unreasonable? Duality…to opposing sides within the same space; both principles active at the same time…both assumed true; one could be true and the other false…or two falsehoods.

    This is why I despise this word; it’s a tricky word! It can motivate others into more production, sure, and it can over stress and cause demise.

    The 6:2 in opposition may balance the ever ending play within duality. Without duality between all operating principles, there is no opposition; which to my mind leads to oblivion.

    I advocate fairness and equivalence between perspectives. I do not deny the function behind the principles indicated by the word “Excuse,” but I caution its use…balanced with discernment and prudence gained through assessment. Not used properly, I see this word as an excuse not to assess before a determination is made; to determine of the principle applies; is there reason, or is there a lie…or is the lesser of many truths being used to replace the greater truth?

    Like that example I gave about the father going to his daughter’s graduation…maybe that was true, but the greater truth was that he never really wanted to go to the party in the first place…the greater truth, but because he didn’t want to hurt his friends feelings (because obviously the friend is very sensitive and oh so willing to claim “Excuse = Judgment” he found a lesser truth to replace the greater one. This is also considered an excuse…”The way we excuse ourselves”…leave leave a situation is also called “Saving face…” avoiding shame.

    Some say that shame is worse than death…and so…this is another reason why I avoid the word excuse.

    Now…I know you moderate the comments. Do not post either of my comments because they are lengthy, and my wording is more contrary the supportive of how excuse is framed in the article, yet…what you say is true; but only 50% true because in fairness and honestly, I would make the third to six…or…more on the opposite but not much so, because I also believe what you say, but it isn’t my primary response I generally take in considering others.

    So I would NOT be hurt at all if you don’t post either of my comments…and I am not kidding, and I really mean that.

    Thank Ihagh. You are well esteemed


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  7. It’s life-changing to stop the excuses. A huge one (and embarrassing to admit) that I used to have was “that’s just the way I am.” It actually makes me cringe to type that 😦 Glad it’s not an excuse any longer!!

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    1. I’m inspired by your comment, and admire your openness and honesty; I have to admit I used to say and believe that to an extent, until I consistently worked on my mindset and reversed the trend of thinking and belief to something more positive, expectant and productive… thank you

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      1. And thank YOU! It’s impossible to make changes until we recognize, acknowledge, and take responsibility for our choices, actions, and behaviors… the good, the bad, and the ugly. I look forward to learning more about you through your writing!

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        1. thanks alot for your thoughtful comments; really, until we take responsibility for every experience, it might be difficult to escape from the negative effects of letting excuses have their way

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  8. Quite an eye opening and thought provoking post. Even I myself am guilty of not devoting enough time to certain things and blame it on Time or surrounding situations or events. However, I should stop blaming myself or others or the situation and keep moving.
    Thanks for this great post!

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    1. you’re welcome… I deeply appreciate your kind words, and the time you’ve taken to briefly narrate your experience which is a challenge for many people…


    1. you’re welcome; I sincerely appreciate your visit…the email subscription box is located at the top of the right sidebar of any web page on this site…thank you


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