Failure is never a good enough reason to stop trying; it provides another chance to experience success

Oftentimes we find it hard to make decisions and take risks because of one or more experiences of failure we had in the past. Perhaps the first time you sat for an exam, you didn’t pass; you sent a story to the editor of a magazine, but it was rejected—so you became were dismayed and never wrote another one ever after; the first garden you had didn’t produce many crops—and so you never planted crops thereafter.

The list can go on, and on, and on—endlessly—but one thing is certain: past failures prevented you from picking yourself up from the ground, dusting the dirt off your clothes, and giving another try to achieve the things you deeply desire in your heart.

No matter how great or heavy your fall and defeat might have been, it is not disastrous enough for the universe not to let you have another chance, and it is not great enough to discourage your inner potential from unfolding its greatest capabilities.

People who don’t give up, know fully well about their past failures, but prevent the failures from getting to them and discouraging them from making continuous progress, and achievements.

So no matter how much you might have messed up, there is always a good reason for you to summon courage and strength, and pick yourself up from the ground and move on. Refuse to admit that you are a loser, no matter how many times you lose, or else you won’t experience your maximum potential.

It is better to keep trying and failing, than to put a halt to trying, just because of past failures

Always remember that there is no one who drives a car forward that would be able to make appreciable progress to their destination if they continuously look back through the rear-view mirror. In order to get the maximum out of life, we must allow the past to be in the past; we must let go of the past—we must let sleeping dogs lie!

Don’t let the opinion of others discourage you from trying again and again

Many of us have the habit of sharing great ideas with friends, especially when it is tied to a past failure. The most discouraging thing is that many friends give dozens of reasons why your ideas won’t work.

Too many discouraging remarks and criticisms often impact negatively on people and cause them to either abandon an idea, or delay it until it becomes worthless in their thoughts.

Many people forsake their dreams because their friends, families or companions think they are crazy for venturing into them. Always remember that nobody is responsible for defending and maximizing your inner potential; you alone are responsible.

If you refuse to allow discouraging comments and advise from friends to get to you, and remove yourself from under the influence of other people’s discouraging mentalities, then you will be able to achieve success at a great or maximum level.

Don’t allow the opinions of others influence your high-flying decisions—declare independence from the opinion of others

At all times during life, we must be fully conscious and beware of allowing people influence our decisions or plans. Don’t always believe that the ideas of people will work together with your dreams.

Too often, those who you thought have been on your side will be the very ones that will turn against you and destroy what you’ve been trying to achieve—even after you obediently and religiously follow their advice.

Always remember that ultimately, you are only expected to perform for an audience of one entity: your destiny. The opinions of other people can destroy your destiny if you let them touch and distort your dreams.

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7. There is magic in positive thinking—always think positively!

  • If positive thinking is effective, why can’t everybody do it?
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8. Past events that disproved the impossible: one person’s impossibility is another person’s possibility

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9. How to turn defeat into victory by experimenting with different things

  • Look away from defeat at the bottom of the ladder, and towards victory at the top of the ladder
  • Everyone who truly turned defeat into victory, encountered and responded to one form of defeat or another
  • Although it is barely impossible to succeed without encountering hardship and opposition, it is possible to use hardship to move forward and upward ever
  • The lesson is this: gain or salvage something valuable from every situation—good or bad
  • Instead of blaming people or bad luck, look at challenges or setbacks and learn from them

10. The fight of faith: why give up when time comes to fight this important battle?

  • Despite our knowledge about positivity, why do many of us lose the battle of faith?
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11. The importance of protecting your unlimited potential: a look at some unlimited potential achievements & quotes

  • But what is the meaning of unlimited potential?
  • Some of the greatest unlimited potential achievements in history
  • Some popular and inspiring quotes on unlimited potential & possibilities

12. The universality of GOD’s power

  • GOD’s power is so universal, it can be found in the smallest and mightiest deeds in creation
  • The universality of GOD’s power also reaches the deepest part of the human spirit
  • The universality of GOD’s power makes it possible for GOD to be contacted from anywhere in the universe—anywhere!

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Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

18 thoughts on “Failure is never a good enough reason to stop trying; it provides another chance to experience success”

  1. Last month I made a grave mistake and the results have been weighing hard on my chest… thanks for reminding me that I am not a loser, I just failed. And I have faith that I’ll get to fix it and do better next time 🤗

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I feel so delighted reading such a touching and inspiring comment; you’ve even inspired me to work and believe more that I will soon achieve the things I am yet to achieve…continue to have faith; the predominant positivity of the universe will be with you; you will succeed…

      Liked by 2 people

    1. rightly said; I deeply appreciate your comment: instead of some people to work on building themselves up, they would do the opposite and work on bringing down those people who are planning to go up

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely a good read! Once upon a time not long ago…we used the word fortunate for success and unfortunate for failure – today we are using a very strong words Winners and Losers which is an extreme and gets us or one into the problem. The moment you say some one or someone who failed as a loser or thinks as a loser…the negative impact is huge. Choose the right word is my mantra.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. thanks alot for your thoughtful comment…I agree with you; you made a lot of sense: once someone is labeled a loser because of one or few failures—even though they might become a huge success in future—it could affect or delay their progress and ability to move forward

      Liked by 1 person

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