Looking at life from a higher point of view

The way each person sees life will shape their life. How you and I define life will determine our respective destinies and how we invest time, spend money, use our unlimited abilities and potential, and value our relationships.

If you ask people the question, “how do you view life?”, you will be amazed that there are almost as many different answers as the number of people living on Earth. Different people would give various answers such as:

  • Life is a game of cards: you have to play with the cards you are given
  • Life is a puzzle
  • Life is a jungle
  • Life is a minefield
  • Life is a roller coaster
  • Life is a circus; it’s fun
  • Life is a fan belt: you go round and round and round
  • Etc.

No matter how we view life, if we are asked how we picture it, a particular image will instantly come to mind! That image is your point of view about life. That image is the belief and impression you consciously or unconsciously hold about life.

That image consists of your faith, description about how life works and what you think it to be; it tells much about what you expect from life. People often express their points of view about life through the clothes they buy, their choice of people, environments, relationships, etc.

Our unspoken points of view influences our lives far much more than we imagine

The point of view we have, or the image we hold goes a long way in determining our values, aims, goals, priorities and expectations.

For example, if you think life is all about partying, then your primary aim or goal in life would likely be to have fun. If you see life as a race, then you might hate delays and inactiveness, and value speed and timeliness; also, you will be attracted to people who value similar things or characteristics.

If you view life as a struggle, then you might likely value endurance; if you view life as a game or battle, you might likely value winning much more than anything else.

Some important things we have to remember when looking at life from a higher point of view

Life on Earth is a school that gives a lot of tests and assignments

The world is a testing ground where each person’s character, faith, love, integrity and loyalty are always being tested every day.

Throughout history, the greatest and least powerful men and women from various backgrounds and races have been tried and tested; some were strong enough to succeed, while others were not so strong enough and failed.

Evil tests everyone, and sometimes good does too. In the Christian Bible, we see the how GOD tested Abraham by asking him to offer his only son whom he conceived in his old age.

GOD allowed Satan to test Job with so many challenges that only a few people would conquer. Adam and Eve failed their test in the Garden of Eden. King David—whom GOD said was a man after His own heart—failed several tests; and so did King Solomon too!

On the other hand, the Christian Bible provides examples of people who passed great tests and trials, such as Jesus, Joseph, Esther, Daniel, etc.

The truth is that tests reveal and develop people’s character, and helps them undergo true spiritual maturity if it is used in the right way.

We don’t know all the tests that we will encounter, but we can predict some of them

Amongst many other things—too many to mention—we will certainly be tested by changes in the world’s economy, delayed promises from trusted ones, unanswered prayers, sudden natural disasters, unfair criticism, and even our own weaknesses.

Sometimes GOD intentionally withdraws from us to a point the we don’t even sense that He is still with us

If one studies the Christian Bible closely, they would come to understand that although King Hezekiah enjoyed a close relationship with GOD, GOD still abandoned him in order to test his character and see his own point of view about life. GOD did the same thing with quite a number of other people too.

If you understand that life is a test, you will value every experience and not take things too seriously

There is no experience that is insignificant, especially in the spiritual sense. Even the smallest details can develop your character and personality, and make you ready for the world of eternity which is our final destination.

Every second, minute, hour, day, year and century is crucial and important to our eternal destiny. Every day presents an opportunity for us to strengthen our character, show true love, and depend more on GOD.

In this world or primary school of the universe, some tests are very challenging while others are less challenging and barely noticeable. But all of them have purposes and are eternally significant.

The best news from heaven is that GOD wants all of us to pass the tests of life

Each time we pass a test, GOD plans to reward us in the realms of eternity. James said it best: “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised them that love Him”—James 1:12 (The Christian Bible).

We will be rewarded according to how we utilize the talents GOD has given us. In the story of the talents narrated by Jesus Christ in the Christian Bible, the businessman (GOD) entrusted his servants with different quantities of talents.

After returning from his journey, he assessed how they used the talents He gave them, and rewarded them accordingly. In a certain instance, the businessman (GOD) took away the talent He gave an unprofitable servant who didn’t use it at all.

Money is one of the greatest tests

Sometimes GOD tests us with money in order to make us depend more on Him, than on money. GOD observes how we use money and tests how trustworthy we are.

A scripture of the Christian Bible asks: “if you cannot be trusted with worldly riches and wealth, who will trust you with the riches of heaven”?

So there is a strong relationship between the way we use money, and the quality our respective spiritual lives. How we manage money, especially when it involves people, determines how much GOD can trust us with spiritual and eternal riches.

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Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

10 thoughts on “Looking at life from a higher point of view”

  1. True words Sir!
    These words are uplifting, reminding us of these tests that God puts us through, the times we feel so deserted. It feels good to be reminded that he’s testing the strength of our character. I pray that God gives us his enabling grace to put our whole on him, nothing withheld…

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