No matter how you feel, GOD is always present!

It is quite easy to believe in GOD when things look good and we have everything we desire: wealth, food, friends, family, good health, etc.

On the other hand when situations look ugly, challenging and disturbing, it is often difficult to view GOD in the right perspective because it seems He’s absent and has gone thousands of miles away from us.

No matter the pains, trials, temptations and suffering we experience, and how we feel, GOD is always present with us!

Real friendships are often tested when people are absent from each other by long distances, and there is silence.

There are times when it seems GOD is missing-in-action in our lives, especially on days when we feel that all our spiritual excitement and feelings have disappeared, vanished and completely gone.

We pray and nothing happens for very long stretches of time. We begin to wonder when all the dark days will come to an abrupt end!

The feeling of abandonment from GOD usually occurs when our faith being tested during difficult times

No matter how much we feel abandoned, GOD is always present! The circumstances that will help develop our faith occur during times when life falls apart and it seems GOD is absent and nowhere to be found.

Take a look at the biblical Job; he lost everything he had in a single day: his business, his family, his good health and everything that belong to him.

And quite shockingly, over most of the chapters in Job, GOD didn’t say anything about it; GOD seemed to have gone and disappeared when Job’s chips were down!

GOD is still real and always present even when we don’t understand what’s going on in our lives

We must summon energy and courage to focus on GOD and be positive, no matter what is happening in our lives! Regardless of any circumstances, remind yourself that GOD’s goodness and love hasn’t changed, and will never change!

Despite your condition, GOD cares, and has a good and great plan for your life. Always remember that GOD is loving, he is in control and notices everything that is happening in your life.

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Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

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