GOD is the foundation of all forms of good and positive things!

“…. All things were made through Him (GOD), and without Him was nothing made that was made”—The Christian Bible.

It is very beneficial, spiritually, emotionally, materially and otherwise to have GOD as the foundation for everything we intend to achieve in life.

Most especially, if we are ever going to make progress in our spiritual life, we will need to have a real firm foundation, and such a foundation can only be provided by GOD on the basis of our knowledge of, and belief in him.

If you are on a rock that consists of GOD, then no power will ever move you

Everything will come to us as a result of our foundation which could either be in GOD, or outside him. In any area of life, you must have a firm foundation within, such as only GOD can provide; all else is sinking sand!

If you build things on anything else than GOD, it will not mean much without Him because they are like sand when compared to GOD who provides the most solid foundations that cannot be seen.

When it comes to the things that matter on the long run, and in eternity, only GOD can provide a solid foundation that can hold things eternally; every other thing outside of GOD will break apart.

Many people in the world still don’t know that GOD is the foundation of all things

In terms of personality, power, substance, and anything, GOD is the greatest. He is greater than any relationship; He is greater than any privilege; He brings into realization what you have never thought about or seen.

We live in a universe and world that has uncountable inhabitants that were created by GOD, and whose livelihood and sustenance are eternally nourished by GOD, the firmest foundation.

For those who hold unto GOD as their foundation, it would help a lot to renew their thoughts about Him every day, and think about Him every day, if not their impression about Him could become stale and lose inspiration.

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