How your faith can be strengthened by remembering GOD’s greatness & goodness at all times

By remembering all the good and inspiring things any provider has provided for us in the past, we can always strengthen our faith in such a provider, even when we don’t receive free provisions from him or her as regularly as we used to.

To make the impact even stronger, if we can remember all the good and inspiring things that the almighty GOD has done for us—no matter how little or big—we could develop much healthier emotions and expect more great experiences in future!

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths”The Christian Bible.

In addition to this biblical scripture, I would say “in all your experiences acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths”. The scripture doesn’t state “in only your good ways”, but it does state “in all your ways”. This simply means “no matter what”: “for better, for worse”“regardless of any circumstances”!

GOD could be saying to us: “oh you of little faith”

There is no provider that will be happy with someone whom they have been providing for, when somewhere along the line the person loses faith as a result of not receiving one or few provisions.

The same goes with GOD. We see a similar situation in the Christian Bible when Jesus uttered the following words to his followers:

  • “O you of little faith…Do you not yet understand (acknowledge), or remember the five loaves of the five thousand and how many baskets you took up? Nor the seven loaves of the four thousand and how many large baskets you took up?”

In order to strengthen your faith, do not forget your past victories even though they are in the past

Even though GOD has been with us before birthand even up to this very secondyet many of us are still a great source of disappointment to Him at times because we lack understanding and do not acknowledge or remember the past great deeds we experienced as a result of the life and support he freely gave to us.

Many of us have not been able to grasp the spiritual truths that help to strengthen our faith. Why? Because we are only hell-bent on only the victories of the present. Without present or instant victories, many of us lose the ability to strengthen our faith even though we can do so by feeding positively on our past victories.

Always keep in mind the great deeds GOD made you to experience in the past, and have great expectations for the future

GOD has done many wonderful things for all of us even if we do not remember or acknowledge what He has done. By consistently remembering what GOD has done for us in the past, we should be able to summon enough spiritual strength to dispel all forms of disbelief.

In the midst or similar challenges, the difference between those whose faith dwindles (even though they have tasted GOD’s greatness and goodness in the past), and those whose faith become stronger (even though they might not have tasted the greater side of GOD’s greatness and goodness in the past) is that the first category of people do not remember and feed off the victories of the past, while the second category of people do it to the fullest.

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