The spiritual implication of human cloning: What could GOD’s perspective be?

With ongoing presumption that scientists have cloned, might have cloned, or would clone human beings after successfully cloning animals, what could be opinion of mankind’s creator about cloning? What could GOD’s perspective be?

But first, what is cloning?

Cloning is a process in which genetically identical or similar-looking entities of the same organism are produced, either naturally, or artificially—as is the practice in laboratory experiments carried out by medical scientists.

Naturally, many organisms produce clones by asexual reproduction. Artificially, medical scientists have been producing clones, or exact copies of cells, or parts of DNAs.

It is believed that if medical scientists can grow organs of the human body, then they can use the same knowledge to regrow a complete human body and produce an exact genetic copy—a human clone.

However, despite this belief, there is a widely held opinion that human cloning hasn’t yet been achieved, despite many claims to the contrary.

The dawn of artificial cloning

The term “cloning” made lots of air waves and headlines in 1997 when Ian Wilmut (Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh) successfully cloned “Dolly the sheep”.

Wilmut was able to achieve this great feat by producing an exact genetic copy of an original sheep after taking a cell from it, extracting the DNA from its nucleus, and inserting the nucleus into an egg cell.

Not long after Wilmut’s achievement, many groups around the world followed his lead and cloned a wide variety of animals, including horses, cats, cattle, mice, goats, pigs, dogs, etc.

It’s on record that the first, second, and third generations of the clones exist.

What about human cloning?

Since artificial cloning started, there have been a number of reports and claims that human cloning has been successfully achieved.

On the other hand, other reports claim that any claims about success in human cloning are probably bogus claims which haven’t been proven yet.

If the statement in the previous paragraph is true—although we shouldn’t rely on it—then we can assume that no scientist has successfully cloned any primate, talk-less of a human being.

If human cloning has been successful, even though it hasn’t been authenticated, then what could be the spiritual implication for using such an unnatural process that doesn’t seem to emanate directly from GOD?

What would be the reaction of the world’s great religions? What would GOD feel about it—what, what, what?

What do religious/spiritual texts state?

If we observe the stories of creation in different religious texts, it is quite clear that GOD made just one path for human beings to procreate or produce offspring in the world: by sexual reproduction. This seems to be the only provision GOD made for souls/spirits and the animated parts of bodies (both human beings and animals) to incarnate here on Earth.

But we know that mankind always has a tendency to seek its own plan, which in many cases, is far apart from that of GOD and tends to be more self-destructive: in this regard, medical science might have already found another way to reproduce human beings through human cloning.

The skepticism surrounding human cloning

If judged by spiritual beliefs, skepticism will likely arise around cloning because it doesn’t give an answer whether souls or spirits animate the cloned bodies of organisms.

The soul or spirit, as we know it, is the invisible and immaterial essence that animates the physical bodies of human beings, and probably other organisms. The soul doesn’t seem to be created here on Earth.

And without a soul, no body wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Just like natural living bodies are full of life, successful clones are also full of life, and are as lively and animated as the complete body of the organisms they were cloned from.

But do the animated (spirit/soul) parts of clones come from human beings, or from GOD? Are they real or not? And who created such souls, if they really exist in the first place?

For sure, it’s already here, or it’s already on the way

One of the long-held dreams of certain medical scientists of the twenty-first century, is to create human beings from possible man-made processes.

Like we hinted earlier, it is either that human cloning has already been achieved, or it is yet to be achieved.

It’s possible that scientists have already achieved human cloning successfully, but are hiding evidence about it—for whatever reason(s) best known to them.

Regardless, doesn’t the spiritual implication look scary when it’s obvious mankind has been, or could be able to create new life forms—not through incantations, magic, or prayers, but through knowledge and advancements made in the field of medical science?

Should scientists mind what they seek for?

Although medical science has advanced tremendously, and it looks obvious that mankind has/would have an artificial process for reproducing life in an unnatural way—a way not provided by GOD—shouldn’t scientists mind what they wish for?

When we read the stories of GOD’s anger and wrath after fallen angels (who were not human) bore offsprings after mating with mankind, wouldn’t anyone tend to think that science could be erring greatly by discovering and using a process GOD did not design for mankind.

What could be the public’s view about human cloning?

If human cloning becomes possible to an appreciable degree, it might meet social obstacles. How well will it be accepted? Do people think that cloning people is a moral act? Is it ethical to clone fellow human beings?

My personal opinion is that many religions will oppose human cloning, in the same fashion that the Catholic Church opposed test tube babies back in 1978 when Louise Brown became the first baby in history to be conceived in a test tube.

If the public speaks up and rises against human cloning, then most governments would definitely pass laws to ban human cloning technology; or, at best (for scientists or proponents of human cloning), most governments could regulate human cloning with tight fists.

On the other hand, if human cloning is widely accepted, then at most, it’s likely that only few people would be clones, in just the same way that few natural clones exist in the form of identical twins and triplets—so the hype about human cloning might gradually wear off.

What is GOD’s opinion about the animated part (soul or soul-less?) of a clone?

With the knowledge we have about cloning, we know that many questions could spring up whenever the subject of GOD and human cloning are mentioned in any discussion. Questions like these could arise:

  • If human bodies are duplicated, will the spirits that animate the human bodies also be duplicated or cloned?
  • Will cloned human beings have a spiritual life? Will they be recognized by GOD?
  • If a human being is cloned, will it have any memory? (It has been widely reported that clones have no memory.)
  • Will cloned spirits have a record in GOD’s record book of human life on Earth?
  • Are the medical scientists who practice cloning distorting the true human image of GOD?

Thank you.

Human cloning is a topic that could be difficult to agree with, especially when religion and GOD are mentioned. That’s why any possible comments about your opinion(s) will be highly appreciated in the comment section.

Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

73 thoughts on “The spiritual implication of human cloning: What could GOD’s perspective be?”

  1. I think human cloning is a very scary, dangerous thing! It is playing with fire. First of all, I think it is morally wrong and is likened to playing God. But what really scares me about human cloning, is WHO might be cloned. There are enough crazy, sick people out there who idolize horrible people, and they just might decide those people who be the ones to be cloned. Who would determine who to clone and not to clone? Human cloning is just opening the floodgates to hell and should not be done under any circumstances.

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    1. I’m very delighted to be reading your detailed and thoughtful comment—and what in my opinion contains brilliant advice for scientists and mankind… cloning seems good from the outside, but it’s inner parts could contain all things unsavory and distasteful.

      Thanks so much for visiting and taking time to make such a meaningful comment.

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    1. Thanks alot for reading and making a positive remark. I’m sorry for responding quite late. I just saw your comment in my spam box; I don’t know how such an innocent comment ended up there. Much appreciation and regards.

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  2. I am of the understanding that what we call God is unlimited, unimpeded awareness. Right/wrong, moral/immoral is irrelevant to Beingness. However, in the realm of this earth plane, cloning is presents a real dilemma, another possibility that ignorance of unintended consequences may cause great harm. Just because we can, doesn’t mean it should be done. And the question to me is, why do we need to clone entire humans? I have no good answer for that.

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    1. Your brilliant and thoughtful comments, are highly appreciated. I agree with you that just because cloning is possible, scientists shouldn’t jump into it. Although, I also wonder why cloning should be done, cloning has advantages because healthier or stronger DNAs in cells could be selected, and use to produce more fit or healthier clones… all the same, irrespective of any advantages, and because of the spiritual aspect attached (which mankind doesn’t know much about), human cloning should be left alone.. .

      Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.


  3. You make an interesting point with the question, “is cloning going to distort God’s image of man.” The bible does say God made Man in his image.

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    1. Frank, thank you for your positive observation of that point, and it’s relationship to what GOD’s word (the Bible) says…GOD’s image has an essence that is more spiritual and less physical, as GOD won’t die or decay; so one wonders whether the spiritual part of clones would really be in GOD’s image…

      Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.

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  4. Interesting subject! I believe as you stated in the article, the soul and spirit can’t be copied / cloned and that’s enough, we are created for a reason and we’ll die when our time come, the clones will be jut puppets created my human to copy the way we look probably not more than that! And it’s freaky and not really ethical!
    I believe they should use the technology to be more useful to humanity to be honest, many diseases that need cure, people that lost parts of their bodies in war or else, they should even find a way to stop the wars and famine before cloning more humans  Regarding the animals, to be honest I don’t care if like Dolly the sheep they did many animals as you mentioned, but also it’s useless, they should let things live and grow naturally I guess, especially that we don’t need more humans or more animals. We need better humanity and we need a better world for these humans to live
    Thank you for sharing

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    1. Huguette, thank you for your, once again, very thoughtful comments; so many interesting points. I agree with you completely that scientists should use this technology and their time to do other things that are much more important… actually there are many diseases and problems that need attention, and adding clones to the current high human population, won’t help the world much…

      and although its proven that clones dont have memories, one still wonders what animates the full body of a clone, or what would animate a human clone for instance; whether a human body would be animated by a spirit/soul, or not; and whether or not GOD approves such.

      Thank you for taking time to visit, read and make meaningful comments.

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  5. People are already cloned naturally whenever “identical” twins are born. Inevitably, people will be cloned by human intervention, the same as that humans have resulted from in-vitro fertilization. Each individual human being that results is now, and will in the future be no more or less human than anyone else. They are now, and will continue to be individuals that will develop their own lives, and feel and experience the same things as everyone else.

    I believe the words go, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” I don’t recall the, “…unless they are a ,” part.

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    1. Thanks alot for your sensible comments, which, if interpreted correctly, seems to imply that cloned human beings would have real spirits/souls that would be recognized and accepted by GOD; and no matter which way human beings are produced, naturally or artificially, GOD won’t have any issue with it.

      Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.

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      1. My point, exactly. Even “identical” twins with exactly identical genetics are different, if by virtue of nothing more than life experience. No two people are identical — not even two cloned people. Each individual person is a distinct human-being, and thus fully worthy of treatment as such.

        What concerned me enough to leave a comment here is that debating who has a “soul” in the eyes of some arbitrary interpretation of a God, any God, is tantamount to assigning varying values of “human-ness” to different groups of people; and that has been the at the crux of the most singularly destructive events in human history. It has been the excuse for everything from slavery to mass-murder. The early US, the Constitution counted African slaves as but 3/5 of a person, justifying the denial of basic human rights to an entire group of people. In 1939 Germany, such institutionalized dehumanization resulted in far worse. We shouldn’t be searching for ways to repeat he same mistakes. Any God that I would care to associate myself with would care for ALL people just the same… even if they share the genetics of another.

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        1. I appreciate your own views, but would like to point out something in your comment that is waaay off the content and intention of this article: NO DEBATE IS GOING ON HERE; NO arguments, just personal opinions are expected. There is nothing imposing here; That’s why the following statements were made at the ending part of the article:

          “With the knowledge we have about cloning, we know that many questions ‘could’ spring up whenever the subject of GOD and human cloning are mentioned in any discussion. Questions like these could arise:

          If human bodies are duplicated, will the spirits that animate the human bodies also be duplicated or cloned?
          Will cloned human beings have a spiritual life? Will they be recognized by GOD?

          If a human being is cloned, will it have any memory? (It has been widely reported that clones have no memory.)

          Will cloned spirits have a record in GOD’s record book of human life on Earth?

          Are the medical scientists who practice cloning distorting the true human image of GOD?”

          non-imposing and personal views are desired because of the questions raised above—which could certainly spring up in the minds of those who believe in “a GOD”—not everyone—much less those who don’t believe.

          Another thing: this article didn’t interpret anything real or arbitrary about “a GOD or any GOD”, except if you are referring to another post somewhere else.

          The article expects every interested person to give their own views. nobody on this platform—much less the author—is attempting to assign, or impose, varying values of any humanness to different groups of humanity—humanity that was created by one GOD—as accepted by only those who believe?

          When a post is published on a sensitive issue like cloning, and people’s opinions are asked, it doesn’t imply that the post is tantamount to assigning values. anybody who read the post well, would sense that there is no attempt to assign or impose values that have lead to mass murder, slavery, denial of human rights, and repetition of any types of past mistakes.

          Even if cloned humans exist/will exist, there is no way the author of this posts—in his real nature—would treat them differently, or support that they be treated differently from humans that are not cloned, especially when he is used to treating animals, plants, the natural environment, and inanimate man-made objects with high regard that is even similar to, and comparable with the way he treats “uncloned” human beings.

          The post doesn’t frown, or intend to either frown at, or support cloning, or discriminate human clones—if they exist, or whenever they would exist.

          —the intention of the post can be perceived by understanding the ending part of the title: What “could” (note: could) GOD’s perspective about cloning be?

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    1. Thank you for your positive remark, and contribution: your belief that human cloning will never ever be possible. We have to accept that it’s possible human cloning will never be able to take place.

      I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit, read and comment.

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  6. An interesting post and thought-provoking…I do not believe science will stop if they have cloned animals humans have or will be next…Do I think it is the right thing to do…I am not sure…I think if a scientist is that brilliant then their efforts would be better employed on the existing population and curing their ills…

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    1. Thank you for your meaningful comments. I’m in complete agreement with every point you raised: science won’t stop at cloning of animals; they will go further, but it would be more beneficial for mankind if scientists use their time, intelligence and knowledge to solve other more-pressing issues.

      Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

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  7. “But we know that mankind always has a tendency to seek its own plan, which in many cases, is far apart from that of GOD and tends to be more self-destructive” this words of your strikes me the most.
    My daughter and I were discussing this topic a few days ago, starting from surrogate pregnancy and really there were some questions left unanswered.My curious daughter in fact googled most, especially the moral and ethical parts.But after reading this article of yours I came to realized about humans tendency to seek its own plan from the beginning of creation. And we seemed never to learn! We keep repeating the same mistake always.
    Well, I guess the best is to stick to the reason why we are here for us, for we know that in all things God works for good for those who love Him 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your positive remark regarding that quote from the post. After observing the history of mankind from the past to the present, I’ve always been bothered about how mankind uses knowledge self-destructively; that’s why I was occupied with the thought till I had to pen it down during writing…

      👏👏👏for very strong points from your comments: we don’t seem to learn from the past; we keep making the same mistakes; and the best path for us is to occupy ourselves with the reasons why we are here…good lessons and points.

      Thank you for visiting, reading and making meaningful comments.

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        1. 😀… there could a very good (but mystical) reason that only GOD knows about—maybe it’s in our nature to err whenever we insist on choosing some paths GOD didn’t give us directly.

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  8. Thanks for all the inspiring words. I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Congrats! You deserve it! No worries if you don’t have time to write an award post. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks alot for the nomination. It’s my first time I’m being nominated for this particular award. I will search to find out the conditions for accepting the award and know the decision to make. I tried opening your web page to read about it, but isnt opening. I will search other blogs to find out the rules. sometimes, I’m discouraged from accepting awards because of the number of bloggers we as nominees are asked to nominate—that’s the main thing my eye will be on when I search.

      Thanks alot for the nomination.

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  9. It’s a lot to think about, and I have no doubt that sooner or later, humans will be cloned. If it can be done, someone will do it, of that we can be sure. So it is something that will have to be dealt with.
    I’m of the mind that if someone/something is self aware, can make moral choices, they have a soul. An I suppose we would have to see how a human clone (or android) conducts their life to make that decision. On the other hand, there are, and have been, human beings on this earth that I’ve wondered whether or not they possess a soul.

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    1. Thank you very much for your strong points, especially the one which states that “if someone /something is self-aware, can make moral choices, they have a soul”. I am complete agreement with it. on the other hand, I wonder whether such a soul/souls are from GOD; or whether they will be recognized by GOD.

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        1. oh, you did a research on the ethical/etc. impact of human cloning, or cloning generally…that would have been very interesting to experience. thanks alot for your encouraging/closing remark.

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    1. I am in complete agreement with your great point, which they may never see because of their ambition to achieve something spectacular, but which won’t be so useful to mankind’s progress.

      Let me use this opportunity to inform you that recently, I’ve been commenting on your post, and that of other bloggers, but noticed that the comments disappear, a few seconds after I make them. I contacted over the issue, but their reply was that the bloggers have to approve them, or either luckily or unluckily, they fall in spam folders as is the case with emails.

      So if you don’t see my comments, then the fault is beyond my control. on the other hand, I will appreciate if you check your spam folder as well. Because of this recent experience, I have been checkin my spam folder, only to see a mix of good comments, and real spam comments. I approved the good comments and deleted the spam comments containing unnecessary information and links.

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        1. Ok, you mean the comment appeared? then that’s alright. actually, humans would find it difficult to achieve anything worthwhile in a polluted, uncared-for and environmentally-unchecked environment.


    2. Your answer is so so true. those monies would be best helping hunger, better healthcare, homelessness etc, no need to attempt to create more humans when we hardly care for the ones we already have.

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  10. I’m not for human cloning. It would not surprise me that it has already been performed and the public doesn’t know. From a Christian point of view: During the days of Enoch the angels that had children with humans begat giants. Today that is what we refer to as demons. Thus, when we go outside of the plan of God we can’t excape the consequences of those choices. Again, a Christian prospective. 🙂✌️

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  11. I agree with your take on it, it probably should not be done for those same reasons you mentioned….what about the spiritual component…Will these clones be able to exist and adapt as humans are apt to do, will they be law-abiding citizens, will they possess emotional intelligence? The knowledge of good from evil? …Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and take the rest of humanity along for the ride.

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