Stephen Hawking: living life to the fullest despite constraints and limitations

It’s quite common to see people live with different types of physical and spiritual constraints that either incapacitates them and makes them become so weary and weak to such a point that they lose all hope; on the other hand, it could invigorate them and make them become highly competitive and productive individuals.

It’s a sad fact that despite the wealth and abundance some people enjoy in the absence of disabilities or challenges, they still remain hopeless and unproductive! Their life proves the fact that life isn’t always what it seems to be from the outside—and yes, life is always what it is from the inside.

It is only from the inside that we can overcome

You can overcome all the limitations and constraints that engulf you if you muster enough inner strength, develop unwavering faith and tap into your unlimited potential.

No matter how difficult life is—even if you have been to the brink—you have to keep on focussing on how to apply the combination of your abilities, constraints and opportunities, and always remain flexible in your pursuit of what is important in the real world.

The resilience and productivity of Stephen Hawking in the midst of physical odds and constraints

Stephen Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author who produced an extraordinary amount of work even though he had motor neurone disease.

He was almost completely paralyzed, and communicated through a speech-generating device which made his thoughts comprehensible to interested hearers who were always ready to listen to the interesting things he said.

Stephen Hawking might have appeared to be handicapped and doomed to live an unproductive life—but no; in the midst of his physical constraints, he explored and unveiled some of the secrets and wonders of the universe.

Yes, it is true that he wasn’t able to move around by himself. And yes, it’s also true that he needed assistance; however, despite the obstacles and assistance he was given, he continued to explore the stars and utilized his opportunity to study, think and write books.

The constant and never-decreasing desire to know more about the universe remained his compulsion and passion. Stephen Hawing had a very clear and undimmed idea of what he wanted despite facing limitations that would normally make many people unproductive for a lifetime.

We can all learn from the faith, zeal, courage, hard work and resilience of Stephen Hawking!

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The type of faith that can deeply inspire you

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Author: Ihagh G. T.

A former university lecturer who has a master's degree and writes on motivation and the environment, as they relate to the challenges and environmental issues that humanity has been facing.

17 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking: living life to the fullest despite constraints and limitations”

    1. you’re comment is such a great one; very meaningful: Hawking overcame a ton in an age where people with full and healthy capabilities use little and insignificant excuses to dodge their calling and bury their abilities—and just that’s the obvious truth… thanks 👍

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  1. Stephen Hawking is a true hero of mine. Because of his body of work but more importantly his willingness to keep going regardless of circumstances. There is a massive lesson to learned by embracing the mindset of those who live with challenges and yet have the willingness to continue and flourish.

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