How to make money by browsing with CryptoTab Browser

Until about two months ago, I never imagined I could use a browser to browse make money at the same time, especially in the world’s strongest currency: the “Bitcoin”. As you might have known, at the time of writing, one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently equal to about $8,764.

In case you don’t know much about Bitcoin but are interested in knowing more, you can search for information about it on Google or any other search engine; read about the year it was created and how it has grown in strength and popularity over the years.

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What inspired me to take interest in Bitcoins in 2016 was the story of a Norwegian man who bought 5,000 Bitcoins (which was about $27 in 2009) and forgot about them, only to discover in October 2013—four years later—that the value of his forgotten Bitcoins had shot up $980,000 or £886,000. You can read about that here.

In 2019, the same 5,000 BTC that was equal to $27 in 2009, and $980,000 in 2013, is now equal to $43,820,000.

After hearing about the rise in value of Bitcoins, the Norwegian figured out the password to his Bitcoin wallet, opened it and was surprised at what he saw, but sold a portion of his Bitcoins. With the money, he bought an apartment in an expensive part of Oslo, Norway. All thanks to the surging rise in value of the Bitcoin which has often been overlooked in the past.

This is a screenshot of the all-time stats for the rise and fall of Bitcoin as shown in my Bitcoin wallet (similar to an online/offline bank account) which shows the official and current rate of Bitcoin (BTC) to Nigerian Naira (NGN): currently, 1 BTC = NGN 3,120,001 = $8,764.

1_Bitcoin all-time stats

When I started using a Bitcoin wallet to buy and invest in Bitcoin online businesses a few years ago, I earned quite a good amount of money, and it helped a lot in many areas of my life. At different times, I earned between hundreds of dollars, and a few thousand dollars. I never wanted to take greater risks when investing. At times it was risky to invest.

In 2017 I started investing Bitcoin on some websites and earning. At the time, the rate of Bitcoin to US Dollar was around 1 BTC = $1,300, or NGN 460,000 (Nigerian Naira). Mind you, in 2015 the rate was as low as 1 BTC = NGN 49,000; while in 2016 it was around 1 BTC = NGN 88,000.

Bitcoin has been rising and falling, but generally it has always been rising. In 2018 it rose to an all-time high of 1 BTC = over $10,000 = over NGN 3,500,000; while in January 2019 it dropped to a rate of 1 BTC = NGN 1.3 million, and in November it has been around 1 BTC = NGN 3.12 million.

I actually made money from Bitcoin online businesses in the past, especially in 2017—but I didn’t make it from browsing. I made it from investing in websites that traded Bitcoins and gave out interest to registered members; the interest rate depended on the amount of money each user or registered member invested.

Anyone can actually make money in Bitcoin while browsing on CryptoTab browser by searching for favorite websites and videos, or doing anything interesting. There is no compulsion when you already love something that is as interesting and adventurous as browsing or surfing the internet.

You can make much greater money with CryptoTab browser if you refer people (get referrals) like I recently did after publishing an article titled: “How to make money immediately with your social media accounts or blogs”.

After publishing and republishing the article a number of times, a lot of people signed up, and I have already earned more from an accumulated percentage of my referrals earnings than I’ve made by personally using shortened URLs from Adfly.

For the benefit of those who haven’t used or seen a Bitcoin wallet, or statement of a Bitcoin transaction, the following screenshots of my Bitcoin wallet have been attached to show how a typical Bitcoin wallet transaction statement appears whenever I receive Bitcoins:

1_How a Bitcoin transaction statement looks like

2_How bitcoin transactions look

The screenshots below show a series of transactions for the Bitcoins which I earned daily and was receiving from Bitcoin investment websites I registered with in the past. They usually sent Bitcoins straight into my two Bitcoin wallets on Luno (formerly BitX) and Blockchain respectively:

3_received bitcoins

4_Received Bitcoins

7_blockchain account

You can use the same time you usually use for browsing, to also make money by browsing on CryptoTab Browser and earning in the world’s strongest currency—the “Bitcoin”

If you are form Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and need a Bitcoin wallet, you can get one from Luno (formerly BitX) for free. Click here and sign up.

If you are from any part of the world, including the five nations I just listed in the previous paragraph, you can get a free Bitcoin wallet from the most trusted giant in the business: the “Blockchain”. Sign up here.

Every country that allows Bitcoin trading transactions has exchangers who usually buy Bitcoins and send the equivalent (in local currency) into the local bank account of the person or people that sell Bitcoins. This is a screenshot of Bitcoins which I sold in Nigeria at a certain time in the past; the equivalent in Naira (NGN) was sent to my local bank account.

5_sold bitcoins

Instead of taking risks to invest in Bitcoin online trading businesses, you could use your time (like you usually do whenever you browse the internet) to browse on CryptoTab browser and earn Bitcoins.

If you would like to use this great opportunity and make money from the world’s strongest currency while doing what you like doing best online—surfing—then click here and get CryptoTab browser which is the world’s first browser to have Bitcoin mining features, widely used by more than 9 million people across the world!

If you are really interested, don’t waste time; click here and download CryptoTab browser on the page that would open. There are CrytoTab browsers for Windows, android phones (Google), or Apple phones and tablets (Apple Inc.)—depending on your operating system.

6_cryptotab browser

Before downloading and using CryptoTab browser, it is important note that besides making money, CryptoTab Browser is a free lightweight browser that has additional functionality to mine and earn Bitcoins, and still make your browsing experience fast and comfortable.

How to install CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser is available on its website here. You may follow these instructions in order to install it:

  • Download the installation file
  • If prompted, click “Run” or “Save”
  • If you chose “Save”, double-click “download” in order to start installing
  • Start your new CryptoTab browser.

After you successfully install the browser, you will be asked to sign in with your Google account in order to start browsing and earning Bitcoins.

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Definition, importance & advantages of using keyword search optimization

Definition of keyword search optimization

Keyword optimization can be defined as the process of conducting keyword research in order to analyze and select the best keywords that would be able to target and drive qualified traffic from search engines to a website and its article(s).

Why do most websites and blogs take keyword search optimization as a “do-or-die” thing? Because the proper use of keywords can actually make a difference for websites and blogs.

It has to be noted that keyword search optimization is very important in the initial stages of planning for content production and search engine marketing campaigns.

Importance/advantages of using keyword search optimization

When it comes to search engine marketing, keyword research and optimization is very important because it offers high and valuable returns. As a content writer or blogger, searching for/using popular keywords (both short-tail and long-tail) will really help to produce trendy content that can attract organic traffic.

Keyword search optimization can actually help your content reach and attract potential customers if you have an idea of the words/keywords that are mostly typed during queries/searches; in order to do that, you can use a keyword optimization tool website as explained in an article that can be accessed through a link given at the end of this article.

The undeniable fact is that, on search engines, most websites are ranked for quality in combination with an appropriate use of certain keywords that search engines can find. The use of keyword search optimization has the following advantages:

  • It attracts an engaged audience: the type of audience you are looking for.
  • It leads to increased conversion in terms of views and sales: it helps relevant content not only to attract visitors, but also to convert them to customers and sources of cash or revenue generation.
  • It gives content creators and bloggers insight into current internet marketing trends. By consistently analyzing keywords, it becomes easy to always understand internet users’ and consumers’ behavior, and what potential customers are mostly searching for.
  • It helps to prioritize time properly and not waste it on creating content that uses inefficient keywords that can’t attract as much traffic as other more efficient ones. Using the right keywords can greatly increase a site’s return on investment (ROI) in terms of views and exposure.
  • etc.

If you are interested in reading a practical example (with screenshots) of how to use, or where to place keywords, click the following link:

How keyword optimization continues to make my articles attract large views from Google—screenshots available

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The choices you make will make a difference for your visitors, customers and followers

It’s quite difficult to get the general impression that visitors, customers or followers have about a particular website, blog, offline office, or any business.

How do visitors feel about your business? Is there any difference in how you view life that also reflects in the image or brand of your business?

Don’t be imprisoned by traditions: there is always a better way to get things done

The qualities of real leaders that the world loves—be a real leader and people will follow you

Be creative, instead of reactive and passive

Do visitors see your business in a different light and on a different level than other people in your niche? Do you stand out, or have you also gotten relaxed doing the common things that are being practiced?

Do you go an extra mile to give visitors more value than your competitors do? Or do you just do the same things your competitors do?—And in your own case, just for fun?

It is quite common for people or businesses to copy what other outstanding businesses are doing

Although not a wrong practice, the common thing is for individuals or businesses to copy what pace-setters do.

If you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd, the best thing to do is to look at pace-setters for inspiration, but at the same time, still look out for own unique path that can radiate uniqueness.

Visitors, customers and followers are always looking for something that can add value to their lives—fortunately or unfortunately, they feel much better if they get it at no cost

We’ve all had the feeling of being a customer who was searching for something, confused, frustrated, and thinking that nobody cared, not even the people we “follow”.

Many a time, visitors, customers or followers need one form of help or advice, or another. Sometimes visitors don’t even know exactly what they want until they see it among the products of your business.

Try your best to stand out—dare to be different!

If you take a good look at some individuals or businesses that are successful and have stood out, you’ll notice that their products or services are not much better than that of their competitors.

In fact, in many cases, their products or services could be inferior—but generally, the combination of their business and culture or image/brand makes them stand out.

Standing out can be discouraging if we don’t have a strong mindset. Why? Because it requires us to step outside our comfort zones. While stretching ourselves, if we are patient, zealous and committed, we will reap great rewards or dividends!

Give the world quality service, and you will receive quality greatness

Don’t settle on your greatest works—never substitute the greater things you can achieve with the great things you’ve already achieved

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The awesome passion-based qualities that make a unique platform

During my blogging career which has spanned over 7 years and touched quite a number of platforms whose names I can’t remember, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the qualities of different websites and a few self-hosted platforms like

And although everybody might have their own opinion as regards to which platform is the best, I would blatantly state that has the best passion-based qualities which I have not experienced elsewhere.

Why? Because’s qualities SUIT MY NEEDS! Note that my needs—which are unique and more applicable to me—differ from the needs of other people.

In addition, my needs—along with that of every other person—would certainly include a high level security which usually provides—you can read more about security and general issues here: Why is the best platform for building websites–in comparison with

Apart from security,’s general practices create a passion—an attractive passion-based culture

Although passion is very useful in life, it’s not always easy to create and instil it in millions of people— has been instilling passion in people for a very long time.

But what is a passion-based culture? A passion-based culture is a culture in which most of people involved in a business—in this case—are entertained, engaged in their dreams, are happy and energetic.

Although not everybody on might be happy—as is usually the case everywhere in the world—most people on (which consists of management team, its happiness engineers, and the owners of websites and blogs, etc.) are happy and fulfilled.

It is obvious that values the happiness and purpose-driven values it gives to millions of people across the world—even much more than it values its own bank account

It is quite clear that has a reason for creating its platform for people to use—a reason that is far greater than making money just to fatten their pocket or bank account.

This is the reason why attracts a lot of customers and makes huge profit. One problem though, is that some customers do not put in enough effort to fulfil their own personal dreams which can only provide necessary tools for them to use and achieve.

Over the years, has been able to sell itself and give people a platform to execute their passionate purposes and plans. has a DNA that brings the best out in people who have faith, drive, zeal, patience and determination has a clearly defined DNA that humbly states what it stands for, what it can accept, and what is non-acceptable and non-negotiable. If anybody is good to go with it—as many people have been—it can only bring out more productivity and passion in those people whose utmost desire is to offer their talent and services, and be inwardly fulfilled. has an established progressive environment

Motion and progress or progression are universal laws that gets along with quite well because it is focussed on making progress and perfecting the needful in all-encompassing ways that are targeted at carrying everybody along as much as possible.

There are many processes and procedures in use today that were obviously not in use years ago; they were implemented along the line in order to balance the platform’s security and operability together with the desires of the majority. inspires people with processes and ideas that can help them define and achieve their dreams

Although many people in the world spend most of their time earning a living, it seems only few of them have insight about what they would actually like to do with their lives. has the capacity to make people clearly see the next important step; it presents them with a gift and opportunity to clarify their goals and continue chasing their passion.

If you would like to build a website, sign up with by clicking here.

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Just published my book on Amazon—Thanks for your continuous support & endless motivation

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10 Important practices that can greatly increase your rankings on search engines

If you are a site or blog owner who is interested in improving your SEO rankings, this article will provide you with an example and the most important steps to do so using keyword search results.

The use of popular keywords can improve your SEO rankings. The following are 10 important practices that can greatly increase your SEO rankings:

(1) Know or state “exactly” what you would like to write about, and write the main keyword or keywords down.

At the initial stage of preparing articles, it is very important to have a concrete and precise idea of what you would like to write about.

For example, let’s assume you are an affiliate marketer who wants to promote “”—not—then your main keyword should be “”.

Other keywords could follow, but before you decide on using them, conduct a keyword search for “” and assess your results in order to find other minor/related keywords that are popularly searched for.

(2) Conduct keyword search for “” and select other minor/related keywords that can be used to enrich your articles and improve SEO ranking

A number of sites can be used to conduct keyword search online. However, if you would like to conduct free keyword search, you can use via the following link:

Visit the website and select “Global”—if you would like to find the recent most popular keywords that are being searched for worldwide—and the language, which in this case is English.

After you select those two options, type/enter “” in the search box and the following results of the top 23 mostly popularly searched keywords (worldwide) would appear as shown in the figures below:

Screenshot 5_search result showing the first 7 keywords

Figure 1: Top 7 most popularly searched keywords, worldwide

Screenshot 6_search result showing the 8th to 23rd keywords

Figure 2: Top 8th to 23rd most popularly searched keywords, worldwide

Note that the most popularly searched keywords—minor/related keywords—are “ themes”, “” pricing, “ or, etc.—the list goes on as you move down the table.

(3) Study the results obtained from keyword search

After you conduct keyword search, study the results, assess and select the keywords that would best fit the content you intend to create.

If you already had other keywords in mind that didn’t show up the search results, you can still find a way to discuss about them in your content.

(4) Select the keywords you wish to place/use in your article

(5) Choose a befitting and attractive title or headline that would likely attract clicks—make sure the main keyword is in the title

From our example—creating content around the keyword “”—we could select a title such as: “Why is the best platform to build your website: themes, pricing, support”.

This title is would likely attract clicks from searchers of the most popular keywords because it tells them that themes, pricing, support—which are among the most popular keywords—will be discussed.

(6) Put the minor/related keywords in “bold” sub-headings within your content. This can help scanners to quickly locate different types of popular keywords.

(7) Conduct thorough internet and book searches for the most informative content that is related to your interest, and is based on your selected keywords.

(8) Write your content in an original, informative, and interesting way that can provide readers with useful information.

(9) Make sure you discuss each piece of relevant information under each bold sub-heading within your content.

(9) Place an appreciable amount of white space (spacing) in your content in order to make is easier for people to read.

(10) Self-edit your work, or give it to a good editor to view it before publishing. This would ensure your work is void of grammatical errors that can reduce your SEO rankings on search engines.

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How keyword optimization continues to make my articles attract large views from Google—screenshots available

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The difference between posts and pages—an important (user-friendly) difference you might not know about

On there are two different approaches or platforms that can be used to create content: posts and pages. It is quite evident that creation of content on posts is more popular than creation of content on pages—obviously there are reasons.

Although posts are important, pages are important as well, especially in the context of navigation. Pages can actually make a user’s experience much easier in terms of locating other articles that are older or far down the ladder of “categories” or a blog’s feed.

In order to make your site much more user-friendly and easy to navigate when looking for older articles that were produced a long time ago, the use of pages would likely seal the deal much more than categories could.

The major differences between posts and pages

Usually, while’s posts have names or designations of public authors, pages don’t!  Also, posts are usually displayed in RSS feeds, while pages aren’t!

Posts usually have formats that can be customized, while pages usually have fixed templates. Also, while pages don’t have publications dates, each post or article has, as can be seen beneath the titles in the figures below:

Post 1


Post 2


Post 3

Whenever a typical post is to be written and published, the date of publication will appear beneath a post’s title, as can be seen at the top of this particular post, and also at the far left edge in each of the three images shown above.

Unlike posts, “pages” don’t have publication dates because they are meant to be static; on the other hand, “posts” are meant to be dynamic or moving, except in certain cases where they are stuck to the top of blogs with the “stick to the top of the blog” button.

Examples of content that should be on a page include “Contact Page”, “About Me”, “About Us”.

In order to make searching easier for users on your website, you may put all “titled links” of posts on single page so that navigation downward or upward will occur within a few seconds, even if the page has a lot of content that includes “titled links”.

Usually, when users scroll down “categories” or website feeds that contain posts, they gradually become tired and discouraged surfing, even when they are interested in certain posts that appear  to be rich and engaging from their titles or introductory words.

To make navigation easier, the titles and links of posts can be entered on a single page and in alphabetical order as shown in the figure below where the titles of the posts that appear in the figures above, also appear on a single page titled “Motivation & Self-help Articles (80)” as shown in the figure below:


With the alphabetical arrangement of the first words of each blog post title, as shown in the figure above, surfing for posts becomes much easier and faster for users—especially those who are impatient, or in a hurry.

You can place pages on your menu instead of categories—but you would have to create new pages though

Many people might not know that it is possible to place pages (for example, “Motivation & Self-help”, “Environmental Science & Engineering”, etc.) on your menu instead of categories, as you can see in the figure below:

Pages_183_others via links on menu

The advantage of using pages on menu

If you use pages on your menu instead of categories, it will help users navigate faster and easier—downwards or upwards—and also make it easier for older content to be accessed within seconds of scrolling downwards.

Although posts can be arranged on pages, and also in categories, pages are far much easier and less tiresome to navigate by visitors who are mostly in a rush and don’t have enough patience to thoroughly navigate categories.

The feeling of blogging to 1st position on Google in 28 countries

Just published my book on Amazon—Thanks for your continuous support & endless motivation

How keyword optimization made my article attract the highest number of views & rank almost 1.0 on Google—6 screenshots & a practical example

Why is the best platform to build your website—comparison with

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