Futuristic Science & Technology

Futuristic Science & Technology (18)


Could saucer-shaped space-craft be the perfect fit for future interstellar flights?


Destruction of scientific knowledge: past events that made it difficult for science to be easily accepted in future


Interstellar flight: will space scientists be able to reach & navigate between the stars?


Mankind’s unsuccessful pursuit of physical immortality, when real immortality lies within each of us

Matter, atoms & quantum energy: why are they completely under the control of those who are spiritually minded?


Past events that disproved the impossible: one person’s impossibility is another person’s possibility

Progressive enlightenment of mankind: Can mankind become a complete master of natural forces?

Prophets of technology, or prophets of GOD?


“Science fiction” is equal to “science” plus “faith”—today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality

Scientific assessment of the possibility for humans to inhabit other planets in future


The future of nuclear power: the more the production, the more the danger to humanity

The reality of global warming: scary facts, and possible future consequences

The Reality of Invisible Worlds & Life: Physical & Spiritual

The spiritual implication of human cloning: What could GOD’s perspective be?


What religious texts & science say about the existence of other intelligent physical beings out there in the universe

Where are scientific & technological inventions taking us to? What more will be discovered in future?

Why a sustainable amount of biofuels would be used as an alternative to jet fuel in 50 years’ time

Will mankind’s creation overpower mankind?— The future of AI (artificial intelligence)