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Always look out for what can be; not only what exist—everything doesn’t always have to be invisible


Be creative, instead of reactive and passive

Before you venture into anything valuable, assess your values

Building confidence & conquering fear: types of fears & positive actions to conquer them


Caring GOD vs uncaring GOD; GOD will present himself according to your perception of him

Certain Points That Newbies Must Note as They Seek To Make Money Online


Don’t allow good distractions kill the dream you’ve planned to materialize in some days, months or years from today

Don’t be imprisoned by traditions: there is always a better way to get things done

Don’t restrict your thinking for no good reason—learn to think from outside the box

Don’t settle on your greatest works—never substitute the greater things you can achieve with the great things you’ve already achieved

Do what needs to be done, no matter how difficult—if you wait for a perfect time, you won’t get many things done

Draw up from the well of wisdom located deep within your heart


Everybody has the ability to exhibit some form of genius

Excuses: the major types of excuses that shouldn’t be allowed to hinder us from success


5 motivating lessons we can learn from the successful activities of forward-thinking companies or businesses

Failure is never a good enough reason to stop trying; it provides another chance to experience success

Faith: still strong enough to alter today’s facts

Faith: the superpower that materializes desires & gives new life to dying ambitions

Faith is stronger than experience—unfortunately, faith is not as cheap as experience

Find your own short-cut to self-motivation

Forward & upward ever, backward never—stagnation leads to decline


Give the world quality service, and you will receive quality greatness

Great things are often created gradually, not overnight—the same thing applies to your self-development


How faith comes, grows, and increasingly becomes stronger!

How keyword optimization continues to make my articles attract large views from Google—screenshots available

How keyword optimization made my article attract the highest number of views & rank almost 1.0 on Google—6 screenshots & a practical example

How to deal with incompetence: choose faith, cheerfulness & optimism, instead of doubt & fear

How to develop strong faith

How to influence your mind to attract your desires and a glorious afterlife

How to lose weight fast by thinking thin

How to turn defeat into victory by experimenting with different things

How your faith can be strengthened by remembering GOD’s greatness and goodness at all times


In the Pursuit of Dreams Along With Spiritual Development …

Investment (Not Expenditure) is the Basis of Accomplishments in Life

It’s Never Too Late With GOD; Your Best Days Are Still Ahead!


Just published my book on Amazon—Thanks for your continuous support & endless motivation


Life lessons we can learn from environmental sustainability


Milestone—About 3,000 followers in 10 months, and 2,148 eBook downloads in 3 months

Mr. Victory versus Mr. Defeat: how to handle the endless mind war that exists within us

My blogging career: questions, and my answers

My reception of “The Sunshine Blogger Award”: One bright ray of sunshine out of so many

My reception of “the versatile blogger award”

My 2nd Mystery Blogger Award nomination


Not every crisis is a crisis; crises could actually be wake up calls!


Past events that disproved the impossible: one person’s impossibility is another person’s possibility


Real life story on how hardship & challenges can help you travel deep down inside and find your true potential

Real Madrid FC: Motivating highlights & lessons from its illustrious history


Small ideas that materialize are greater than big ideas that can’t—having big ideas is not enough

Solutions can’t live without problems, and problems can’t live without solutions—you can’t have one without the other

Sometimes you always have to keep on reminding yourself—treat motivational ideas as songs

Stephen Hawking: living life to the fullest despite constraints and limitations


Talent is Only a Starting Point for Success: You’ve Got to Keep Working That Talent!

10 important things you should “do” & 10 others you should “not do” in order to be contented and successful in life

Ten motivating insights that can bring out the best from past & present experiences

The challenges in your comfort zone can make your skills better—challenges can actually help you to grow

The downside of television—it makes some people spend too much time watching what other people like doing for a living

The feeling of blogging to 1st position on Google in 28 countries

The fight of faith: why give up when time comes to fight this important battle?

The greatest wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing—the inspiring story of Socrates

The importance of concentrating on a few desires—too many desires can actually slow us down

The importance of self discovery! Who are you?

The importance of protecting your unlimited potential: a look at some unlimited potential achievements & quotes

The irresistible urge to always achieve something greater

The journey of mankind and the use of potential mind power

The journey to your dreams will never be straight-forward—always be prepared to stage a comeback

The Mystery Blogger Award: One more mystery out of so many

The numbers of words are not as important as the impact of words on readers

The one outstanding ingredient behind every great discovery & achievement—mental attitude

The power of small goals

The power of words

The qualities of real leaders that the world loves—be a real leader and people will follow you

The reality of time: it places challenges on our paths in order to teach & mature us spiritually

The results and great achievements of a powerful imagination

The type of faith that can deeply inspire you

The universality of GOD’s power

There is magic in positive thinking—always think positively!

Top 9 sustainability practices of nature that you should practice

True Prosperity Depends on the Strength of Your Connection With GOD


Vibrations of invisible GOD’s greatness are in all the visible things around us


We all think a bit negatively but positive thinkers know how to win their personal debates against negativity

Whenever things become too difficult, just let them be—but whenever you can, don’t let things remain undone

Without work, dreams can’t accomplish anything: the benefits of working beside our dreams

What to do if you really want to do something—do it with your whole heart

Why you always have the ability to develop new insights & change your state of mind for the better


You are the only one in the best position to identify or know your true purpose of living

You want money? Then put “service” first—make good service your first target

Your Outcome in Life Is Determined By What You Believe in: Faith or Fact

Your Prosperity Today can Become Your Adversity Tomorrow: A Case Study of Zimbabwe

Your success depends on support from other people