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Freelance jobs always come and go on job boards—ALWAYS. After seeing another opportunity today and knowing there are possibly many of you out there who have more than 1000 followers, are GREAT writers, and could be interested in freelancing your writing skills, I was moved to write this post about a freelance writing opportunity I saw on a credible job board (website):

Please note that this advert was published on January 15, 2019, and in case you’re interested, I advise that you hurry up and apply because adverts close up after a while, especially when lots of people apply.

Details of advert

Name of company: TopBuzz (Large Organization: a global audience of over 36 million people)

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Job Type: Contract

Category: Blog/Article Writing

TopBuzz doesn’t stop you from blogging on your blog or website. They give you an additional distribution channel so you can earn more from your content — that’s all.

Job description

TopBuzz is searching for top bloggers/writers who are interested in growing theirs audiences and monetizing their contents, globally.

TopBuzz is an AI-driven (artificial intelligence-driven) content distribution platform that increases the exposure writers, creators, and publishers contents around the world, and make sure that all content producers earn from this activity.

They’ve partnered with the biggest names in media; from New York Times and CNN, to entertainment powerhouses like TMZ — but they still need more content from bloggers like you.

Most established news outlets publish on “TopBuzz Articles” right now as you are reading; however, TopBuzz knows there’s an audience for content written by talented bloggers, and covers trending topics, current events, sports, food, fashion, entertainment, etc.

Here’s what they offer

• global distribution of your content to their audience of over 36 million

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• matchmaking of AI and algorithms that would pair your content with the audience related to your niche

• stress-free posting; you own everything you publish


• Unlike me, you must have at least 1000 followers. (Many of you do.)

Methods for application

• Send a cover letter to, and include a link to your blog or website, and they’ll take it from there

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15 Reasons Why You Should Study Environmental Science

We live in an age that experiences a lot of environmental challenges which have been threatening the existence of living and non-living things. This Earth in which we breathe, eat and live, is not as healthy as it was in the distant past; this is the major reason why you should be motivated to study environmental science and become more aware of the unhealthy patterns trending in the environment within the Earth; furthermore, environmental studies will keep you updated about the environmental issues that affect the world, and which may likely continue to do so throughout our lifetime.

It’s understandable if I sound biased by stating that environmental science is the most important subject because it cuts across all human beings, animals and non-living things in the world. It is important to understand how the Earth works, how our activities affect its life-supporting capability, and how we can reduce negative environmental impacts on it—and probably on the wider and ever-expanding cosmos. Numerous environmental problems have shown that humans might have taken natural resources for granted; in fact, facts in recorded history have shown that for over a century or more, humans have lost some connection with nature because they have mismanaged natural resources.

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Many people seem to think that mankind is smarter than nature, and that nature doesn’t have the ability to handle anything or everything—this is not true. The recent rise in application of green technology has shown that nature has the capacity to do a lot of things without harming life to the extent that most non-green scientific and technological developments have. By studying environmental science, you’ll be aware of the role you have to play in order to protect Mother Nature. With regard roles, some countries have taken some important steps by including environmental science education in all levels in their curricula. For example, the study of environmental science is compulsory in India, regardless of one’s course/subject of study.

The Earth, its environment and human life are interwoven, and go together, hand in hand. Imagine what would happen if all natural resources become extinct; would anyone survive? No! The truth is that we need the environment, and are completely dependent on it; therefore, it is our collective responsibility to be aware of world-threatening issues like the global rise in temperature, exploitation and depletion of natural resources, excess pollution of air, water and land, and many other issues that appear on TV, and also in print, and on social media.

Download free eBook (PDF): 18 Best Ways to Save the Environment Much More

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All articles on environmental science & engineering

It seems that people have left issues related to environmental degradation in the hands of business owners and governments. There will be no significant positive impact on the world’s environment if we leave such a great responsibility in the hands of governments and business owners without making any personal input. We cannot assume that clean air, water and soil will continue to be sustained if we stand and stare at the ways in which they are being polluted without protecting them. Everyone must join hands to protect and sustain our planet’s resources because we are the ones who pollute it, and overuse and mismanage its resources; and we are the only living creatures who are highly capable of taking actions to halt the negative impacts of our actions/activities on the environment.

Why awareness is important: studying environmental science enhances environmental awareness

  • Awareness is important because it helps us to be proactive rather than retroactive. If you haven’t been creating time to think or read about the environment, then you need to start doing so consistently because it can enhance and sustain your awareness about it. All you need to do is turn on the TV, watch environmental news online, or read environmental articles—similar to the one you are reading now. Take about 20 or 30 minutes out of each day and find out what is happening in the environment.
  • Awareness is important because it keeps you from remaining/becoming ignorant. Ignorance is a barrier against progress; the only way to fight it is by studying/acquiring knowledge and always ensuring that we are up to date with current information and trends. Studying should go hand in hand with asking questions and looking for answers.

Brief history of environmental evolution & impact of human activities on environment

Based on a lot of research and evidence from carbon dating, it is believed that the Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, and the evolution of life started about 4 billion years ago. During this period, life continuously evolved; at  the same time, numerous changes have occurred on the Earth which has gradually transformed from a primitive hostile environment into a technologically advanced and civilized environment, and has faced a lot of negative impacts from civilization.

The human specie is the only one believed to have drastically modified the Earth for the past thousands of years in order to fulfill its desires and aspirations to become “more comfortable”. While plants and other animals usually undergo gradual physiological and genetic changes to adapt to weather and environmental changes, human beings can change their behavior and adapt to newer environmental conditions within a few years.

Within the last 50 years there has been a drastic increase in population, depletion of natural resources, excessive pollution of the environment, and an exponential increase in bye-products resulting from human activities. Scientific/technological developments helped mankind to “progress” in the areas of education, technology, health, food security, luxury, etc., but at the same time the natural resources of the Earth have been exploited beyond the capacity of the Earth to “replenish” or “regenerate” them. In summary, while mankind has advanced scientifically, the same mankind has also contaminated water bodies, air, soil, and the natural environment with products generated as a result of development. These products along with certain activities have degraded and destroyed habitats, and threatened biodiversity and human existence.

Now, back to the title of this article: “15 reasons why you should study environmental science”; the reasons are as follows:

1. You should study environmental science so that you can become more aware that environmental problems (new, past and present) are not only local, but global too. It’s quite funny that many people—especially laypeople—don’t know what “global warming” is, especially in many cities and rural areas in Africa. The study of environmental science will keep you informed about environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, depletion of ozone layer, acid rains, and negative impact of microplastics on marine environment and biodiversity, which are not only national/local problems, but global problems as well. Efforts from experts and everybody will be needed to tackle environmental problems head-on.

2. Study environmental science  so that you will understand how the impact of development, increase in population, infrastructures, and transportation systems negatively affect the environment and natural ecosystem; knowledge of these will make you more concerned about the environment and think about how to protect it more than you’ve been doing.

3. Study environmental science so that you can familiarize yourself more with available solutions to different environmental problems caused by poor hygiene, energy waste, etc., and apply them in ways that will create and preserve a healthier environment for future generations.

4. Study environmental science so that you will be more aware of the environmental implications of your activities/actions, and use that knowledge to prevent/control further pollution, and efficiently utilize the resources you come in contact with on a daily basis.

5. Study environmental science so that you will gain knowledge on how to apply various methods that can prevent/control pollution, and create a less-polluted or pollution-free environment containing clean air, water, food, and land.

6. Study environmental science so that you can acquire knowledge on how to use resources such as water, land, minerals and fossil fuels in an efficient manner, and with maximum utility and minimum wastage—by using conservation, reuse and recycling strategies.

7. Study environmental science so that you can gain knowledge on how to sustain the environment through a combination of different disciplines (inter-disciplinary knowledge), and show more concern for all elements of nature, in every walk of your life, and in an all-encompassing manner.

8. Study environmental science so that you can become ever-conscious of humanity’s collective responsibility to pass a more comfortable and livable world into the hands of successive generations. In order to do this, each one of us has to figure out how to live more sustainably as a collective society so that there will be no threatening negative impacts on the environment.

9. Study environmental science so that you—like specialists—could enhance the knowledge you have and adjust its application in ways that will help the world to mitigate environmental changes, or halt them completely. It’s possible for anybody (a layman, a scientist, or a specialist) who reflects deeply on the environment to come up with ideas to tackle problems associated with it.

10. Study environmental science so that you will have a specialist’s understanding of the world around you. Do you know what could/would happen if garbage is littered indiscriminately around your house? Do you know how soil microbes affect the health of people? Do you know how climate change negatively influences the health of animals and trees around us? Do you know how environmental policies impact sustainability and alternative energy? Well, the study of environmental science will provide answers to these questions, and more.

11. Study environmental science so that you will gain more knowledge about other sustainable ways of living that are recently being discovered by scientists, specialists, and some laypeople. Environmental sustainability doesn’t propose that people should not live a luxurious lifestyle, but it does advocate that people be aware about how to minimize use/consume resources, and control the disposal of waste; this includes minimizing the consumption of energy in houses, using disposal bins to dispose waste, reusing and recycling more waste/materials/products that are reusable or recyclable, utilizing eco-friendly and green products, etc. With the way natural resources are currently being depleted, they will dry up in no time, and this will affect the survival of future generations.

12. Study environmental science so that you can be/become a practitioner of/advocator for the conservation of biodiversity. Biodiversity can be defined as the variety of life forms living on, and in the Earth. The current rate of biodiversity loss and extinction of living species is at an all-time high. Studying environmental science can make you be aware and become an advocator against this incessant trend.

13. Study environmental science so that you will understand how humans and other living organisms depend on each other. Studying environmental science will help you understand the relationship between humans and other living organisms. Human beings breathe out carbon dioxide which is used by plants for photosynthesis. On the other hand, plants release oxygen which humans use for respiration. Animal wastes are being used as fertilizer and nutrients for the growth of plants and other microorganisms. Also, humans and animals use plants as food. In summary, Mother Nature has made plants, human beings and microorganisms to depend on each other for survival.

14. Study environmental science so that you will be aware of the environmental importance of renewable energy forms which can be easily produced, unlike non-renewable energy forms (like petrol, diesel, etc.) which can’t be easily produced, and are believed to be the major causes of global warming and climate change.

15. Study environmental science so that you will become more aware that the Earth is for mankind, and all other living things. Ethically or morally speaking, all living things deserve care and respect. None of us have the right to take all resources, and kill whole species for our own use. We do not have the right to drive other living things into extinction: all species have a right to exist.


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Google’s history of differentiating good content from bad content

Just like it’s quite common for anybody to come across good and bad people in life, so is it quite common for internet users to come across good and bad content, respectively. After Google’s inception several years ago, an algorithm was developed as the basis for SEO, and has been used as a platform to enable internet users locate information conveniently.

Just like it’s quite common for anybody to come across good and bad people in life, so is it quite common for internet users to come across good and bad content, respectively. After Google’s inception several years ago, an algorithm was developed as the basis for SEO, and has been used as a platform to enable internet users locate information conveniently. However, the creation of bad content gradually lead to the pollution of Google’s platform; hence successive modifications of Google’s original algorithm to rely on more than 200 unique signals and differentiate “good content” (ranked higher) from “bad content” (ranked lower). Differentiating good content from bad content involves crawling and indexing both types of content. Google developed robots (called Googlebot) to crawl the web and categorize content into good and bad.

Changes in Google’s algorithms that have been differentiating good content from bad content

After developing the first search engine algorithm, PageRank, in 1997, Google continuously modified its algorithms in a quest to differentiate between good and bad content. We take a look at continuous changes (which occurred significantly from 2011 to date) in algorithms that have helped Google to always differentiate good content from bad ones:

(i) Google Panda

Google Panda (launched in 2011) was created with the aim of detecting “content farms” and blocking them from showing on Google search results. Content farms have bad content that contain shallow and grammatically incorrect information that are improperly punctuated and overly stuffed with keywords. Also, in attempt to differentiate between good and bad content, Google Panda acted against scraper websites (sites that create bad content by “scraping” original content from existing websites) by making them not to show up on the upper echelons of Google’s pages.

(ii) Google Penguin

Google Penguin (launched in 2012) was targeted against webspam with the aim of decreasing the ranks of bad content which violated Google’s quality guidelines related to keyword stuffing and intentional duplication of original content from other websites. Google thinks that putting too much keywords create negative experiences for site users and makes content incomprehensible. Incomprehensiveness and lack of unique/relevant content is considered as a signal for Pengiun to lower the rank of any bad content.

(iii) Google Hummingbird

Google launched Hummingbird in 2013 as a brand new algorithm that uses some parts of old engine systems such as Panda and Penguin. Hummingbird does not affect SEO; neither does it doesn’t differentiate between good and bad content. Although Google released Pigeon update in 2014 and Mobile update in early 2015, the two were not designed to differentiate between good and bad content.

(iv) Other Google Algorithm Updates

Prior to release of Google Fred in 2017, Possum update was released in 2016 and used to improve location-based searches, although it didn’t differentiate good content from bad ones. Google Fred update was released with the aim of lowering the rank  of bad (low-quality) content created for the sole purpose of bringing in revenue from ads.

It can be observed that from Panda to Fred, Google continuously updated its algorithm to make it more difficult for bad content to manipulate their algorithm’s program.


1. Lievonen, M. 2013. Understanding Google algorithms and SEO is essential for online marketer.  Tampere University of Applied Sciences International Business Marketing. Available at:

2. Rand Fishkin. How to Determine if a Page is “Low Quality” in Google’s Eyes Whiteboard. [Weblog] Posted August 25, 2017. Available at:

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Why a sustainable amount of biofuels would be used as an alternative to jet fuel in 50 years’ time

Assessing the sustainability of biofuels for aviation has been an area of interest for researchers because it is a renewable and more environmentally friendly alternative to jet fossil fuel which is non-renewable and greatly diminishing day by day. Aviation biofuels, which are fuels produced from renewable biological resources like plants (or indirectly from industrial, domestic or agricultural wastes), are seen as a major option that could reduce the climatic impact of aviation and enhance decarbonisation in the coming decades. Despite reports of uncertain issues regarding the use/sustainability of aviation biofuels, there is abundant evidence from research—too many to list—that points to the fact that sky-rocketing developments in aviation biofuels and global conditions of economy/environment would favour the sustainable use of biofuels as an alternative to jet fuel in the next 50 years.

Uncertain issues and prospects regarding biofuels

1. Uncertain Issues

Some reported issues that could hamper the sustainability of aviation biofuels include: energy security, food, rural development, provision of employment, and land rights and human health issues (Ribeiro, 2013; Scovronick, 2014; van Eijck et al., 2014; Raman et al., 2015). Albeit the fact that sustainability has been a much-debated and well-researched topic in the past few years, there is still lack of concrete evidence in reviewed literature to show precise negative impacts (Ribeiro, 2013). In terms of impact, Lee et al. (2010) had stated that aviation causes negative RF (radiative forcing) or cooling by emitting Sulphur and destroying Methane; however, these outcomes have lesser impacts than positive RF or warming, which is due to other types of emissions.

2. Prospects

(i) The existing aviation fueling infrastructures (engines and mechanical/electrical systems) do not require large modifications because aviation biofuels are readily compatible with them (Kivits et al., 2010)—meaning that biofuels are a feasible replacement for the jet fossil fuels that are currently being used in large quantities in existing aircraft fleet.

(ii) Aviation biofuels are preferable because they are more environmentally friendly than jet fuels. Among other alternatives like hydrogen cells and solar-powered aircraft, biofuels seem to be the most practical option for current aircraft engines; in fact, studies carried out by Wong (2008) and Deurwaarder (2005) state that biofuels are less polluting and more sustainable in terms of production and consumption. Evidence from other studies suggests that biofuels are a good alternative to conventional kerosene-based jet fuels (Blakey, 2011).

(iii) There is enough land that can be used to cultivate raw materials (biomass) for production of aviation biofuels. Doornbosch & Steenblik (2007) reviewed many studies and are quite realistic in their assumptions: they see potential for expansion of over 80% of more cultivatable land area mainly concentrated in Africa and South & Central America for the cultivation of bio-energy crop production in 2050; in fact, it had even been stated that half of this land could be concentrated in seven countries: Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia (Fischer et al., 2006).

(iv) Scientists and researchers are optimistic regarding the sustainability of aviation biofuels; in fact, scientists and NGOs had stated the possibility of improvements in sustainability that could be made with regard to biofuels (McBride et al., 2011).


The author is of the opinion that fossil fuels are continuously depleting and may completely diminish in future; thereafter, mankind (currently dependent on fossil fuel) will be forced to depend on biofuels which are renewable and can be easily cultivated in any country, and used in the aviation industry.

Regarding the issues raised previously, the author believes that researchers will continue to devote their time towards discovering higher-grade and genetically-engineered biofuels that would erase certain/uncertain environmental and economic issues. Enough evidence has shown that history is on the side of positive-thinking researchers, and they will always find ways to control or eradicate any challenges faced by mankind.


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Wong, H. M. (2008). Life-cycle assessment of Greenhouse Gas emissions from alternative jet fuels. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. U.S.A.



How to influence your mind to attract your desires and a glorious afterlife

As the years have been passing by, I’ve been acquiring most of the things I ever desired. By taking a look at the past, it’s obvious that positive thinking has been helpful in influencing my mind to attract the things I desired/desire; today, it still influences my mind to attract the things I still desire. From personal experience, I can boldly say that the human mind operates in a way that follows a sensible pattern which is void of any form of mystery. There is nothing mystical about the powerful influence our minds have on other people and the environment around us. Read ahead in order to see things from my own angle: how capable each human mind is in making an influence that will attract or dispel the thing(s) it desires. Although I admit that our experiences are different, value will be found in this content; it will enable you to tweak your mind in order to achieve better results in terms of attracting what you want.

Have a good intention to acquire what you desire

The quest for material things should go hand in hand with a desire to weigh the spiritual value inherent in acquiring them. In this regard, I advise people to acquire material things based on spiritual values which are capable of outlasting all the material thing(s) they wish to acquire. It’s not a bad idea to become excessively rich, but it would be a delusion to become rich and lose spiritual or immaterial values like love, peace, soundness of mind, humility, etc. It has to be noted that our stay on Earth is temporary; therefore, strive for spiritual values by showing kindness, consideration and understanding for others – instead of becoming a thief or murderer; a slanderer or a blackmailer; a liar or a rapist; etc. When you look for spiritual values while pursuing material things, the universe and nature will always support you, even when surrounding conditions are unfavorable. From experience and observation, there are certain important steps we should follow:

1. Decide what you want

You must decide exactly what you want; you must visualize or conceive it in your mind. What is it that you actually want? It might not be enough for you to say you want a lot of money, a lot of cars, a lot of houses, etc. You will get far better results if you describe “in detail” what you want. For example, if you want a new car, then you must state other things about the car: the model of the car, the engine-type (automatic or manual), the color of the car, etc. The point is this: you must state extra things that will give your mind a firm image and “strong” impression that can influence it to attract what you desire during the time you are waiting for/expecting your desire to materialize. After creating a clear thought about what you want, frequently picture it in your mind, and always hold that picture firmly.

2. Give unto others so that you will be easier for you to receive

After deciding what you want, go to the next stage: GIVE so that you can receive. If you make up your mind to give, then how much are you willing to give? If you desire to acquire a particular amount of money, are you prepared to help other people with a tithe, which is the same thing as a tenth of that money? Do you have a heart to assist other people who are not as lucky/fortunate as you are? It might sound vain to say that you will give a tithe after you get money. Make it a habit to give out money, services, or any form of assistance to those who are in need. In so doing, you will be placing yourself in a favorable position, and influencing your mind to cooperate with the natural laws of giving/receiving, in order to attract your desire(s).

3. Make it a habit to always practice visualizing what you want

After you’ve made a decision on what you want—to get a promotion, to get a million dollars, to become an orator, to win a lottery, or whatever it is—then consistently visualize what you want. Let’s say you’ve decided you want a new car, then decide the type of car you want: the brand of the car, the color of the car, the passenger-carrying capacity of the car, etc. Next, use a few minutes each day to relax both mind and body; immediately thereafter, use some extra minutes (ten or twenty) to visualize yourself in the car as if you already have it—there and then. Do not think of the car as something you might have, or could have, even though you know you don’t have it at the moment. Visualize yourself having the car. As you visualize and always create a mental picture of it, it will become a blueprint that will be influential in attracting your desire(s). Create a thought that you can continuously pour energy into in order to strengthen it until it becomes reality. If leadership skills, power, courage and influence are what you desire, add them to the picture. After frequently visualizing your desires in your mind, you will observe that you won’t have any doubt(s) that you are going to acquire them.

Download eBook PDF: Real Faith that can Deeply Inspire you Forever

It must be noted that visualization can be difficult if it’s something that’s new to you! Difficulties can arise because your mind hasn’t gotten used to producing sharp pictures of the things you desire; do not bother about this. The pictures you conceive do not have to be perfect in terms of having all the traits (qualities) of the things you desire. If you discipline your mind and make it a habit to regularly visualize what you want, your mind will eventually start to believe in the visualizations and produce amazing mental pictures for you to easily choose from. Results will be obvious if you always live the thoughts of your desires in your mind, again and again, and for a long period — say weeks, months, or even years. Whenever doubts arise, do not be discouraged; just continue to repeat your visualizations and positive elements will naturally color the whole process till you physically acquire your desire(s). Keep on repeating your visualizations and everything will quite naturally look after itself. Don’t bother yourself too much about what will happen, just have faith in the process of visualization and the right things will happen at the right time. As you visualize, FEEL that the money, car, or whatever you desire, is coming to you; the more positive you are about it, the faster the reaction will be. If you follow these steps, the thoughts of your desires will be driven into the subconscious part of your whole mind, which is ninety percent of it, and nine times more powerful than your conscious mind which you use every day. After a good period of time, your subconscious mind—which is the platform for signs and wonders—will miraculously materialize your desires.

Words of Advice

There are things that are much more valuable than money, cars, skyscrapers, and all types of wonderful material things. If you are wise, instead of using all your effort to strive and acquire an excessive number of material things, go the other way: rather strive to acquire spiritual values like Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther, and other great people or leaders whose auras positively influenced the eternal destinies of millions and millions of people. Desire to acquire abilities and virtues that will outlast your short earthly life, and be of profitable use to you when you leave this world.

Hammer this thought into your mind: no one has ever succeeded in taking a single dollar into the next world; the more material things you strive to acquire, the more material things you will leave behind. On the other hand, the more you help other people by doing good, the more blessings and spirituality you will carry along with you into the next life — after you leave this world. It is quite unfortunate that in the present age many people think that the most important thing in life is to acquire excessive amounts of money and other forms of material things. It is not possible to help others too much, and when you help others — you indirectly attract physical and spiritual blessings to yourself. A lot of people in the world are in desperate need of help; choose to visualize and acquire material things in order to serve your fellow human beings. After this short earthly life, there is an everlasting spiritual life in which goodness and spirituality are the currencies in use, while the present-day money and material things are like the dust of this Earth. The choice is yours to make!

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Four trends that have been changing the ways lawyers run their businesses

The only thing that needs to happen in order for many things to become new in life is “change”; lawyers and their businesses aren’t free from it. Let’s take a look at newly-evolving trends that are changing the way lawyers do business.

1. The prevalent use of modern internet technology

A lot of newly-invented information technologies have been widely used by people because of the extent to which they help in reducing expenses on money and energy. The way lawyers do business is changing with respect to various technologies, and can be expressed through 7 ways, viz:

  • the lesser amounts of money/energy required to interact with the large and attractive internet world has made lawyers change from doing business offline, to doing more of it online.
  • the ability of Skype, Google Hangouts and other new technological platforms to create “video conferences”, is reducing the need for lawyers to use traditional methods of meeting people for physical interviews and meetings.
  • the direct access which cloud computing provides to clients’ documents from any part of the world has gradually reduced the need for lawyers to sit in physical offices.
  • the ability of data-mining and artificially-intelligent softwares to predict the outcome of cases much better, has made lawyers to reduce their reliance on personal instinct.
  • the inexpensive use of automated documents has reduced the rate at which lawyers contact/pay the same attorney for drafting new contracts, because it saves their time and money.
  • the degree to which social networking tools (like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) provide direct access to numerous online users, has made lawyers to reduce the rate at which they use traditional tools like TV, Radio, and direct mail advertising.
  • the freedom that the increasing number of freelance sites offer, has made lawyers to operate more of their businesses online.

2. The instability of the global economy

Lawyers’ businesses are always influenced by constantly-evolving economic trends. Globally, the legal industry of today is still feeling the effects of past financial crisis which have pressurized lawyers to change from delivering more services at higher costs, to delivering more services at lesser costs.

3. The competition between lawyers offering supporting services

The trend whereby lawyers constantly invent new legal supporting services (which can be free at times) in order to offer them to clients, has changed the way they approach their clients’ needs and requirements, thereby ultimately increasing or decreasing their income.

4. The global pressure on lawyers to beat down legal costs

The global drop in the standard of living has made lawyers to gradually forgo the traditional billing-hour model (which has been criticized for rewarding inefficiency) in favour of alternative billing models such as fixed/flat fees. Recent law department metrics survey reports that over 70% of fees paid to counsels are based on fixed rates rather than hourly rates.


Lawyers should always watch out for new trends in order to be prepared for any abrupt changes, and easily place themselves in favorable conditions.


The Ways of GOD are Superior to the Acts of God

Before we go deeper into this article, let’s take a brief look at a scripture in the Christian Bible, in Psalms 103: 7 which states: “He made his ways known to Moses, and his acts known to the children of Israel”. Although Moses had a lot of access to the ways of GOD, the children of Israel “only” had access to the acts of GOD — not more. There was a big difference between the relationship GOD had with both sides (i.e. Moses, and the children of Israel), and from what the scripture says, it can be clearly observed that the ways of GOD are superior to the acts of GOD! Moses — who was closer to GOD than the rest of the Israelites — had an upper hand in the things of GOD than the Israelites did. To move a bit deeper, we can say that the ways of GOD should be viewed upon as the principles or laws of GOD, i.e. the pattern in which He made creation to work in a truthful, unbiased, balanced and awesome manner. If you abide by his ways or principles, then you can have access to his power and become a commander of his acts. Take a look at the ten commandments in order to get a grasp of his ways; once you obey them, then his powerful acts will be displayed in your life, and you’ll naturally be able to bring great and miraculous deeds into physical existence. When you understand His ways (principles) and stand by them, just like Moses did, then you will be able to radiate His power and display His powerful acts.

It’s quite common to see that most people are far away or actually cut off from the ways of GOD; this is why it’s difficult for them to ride on his acts—which are by-products of his ways. Don’t expect GOD’s principles to work wonders for you in one area when you violate them in another area (or areas); for example, it doesn’t matter how much faith you have, if you violate the principles of righteousness and truthfulness, and live your life disrespecting for your fellow men, then your faith will never produce strong results (or acts). Irrespective of any individual’s faith (i.e., faith in either God, yourself, or an entity/someone spiritually higher than you), if sin is on ground, then all your expectations will likely NOT be realized; this explains the mystery behind so many unanswered prayers, wishes and expectations! Another example is in the area of financial prosperity: if you are a good giver sometimes (probably doing it to showoff), but become negligent at other times, then true prosperity may likely elude you. In order for these types of scenes not to occur, abide by GOD’s laws or principles so that you can have a smooth ride on his ways, as you watch the multitude (like the Israelites) stare at the accompanying acts.

In order for everything to be put in a proper balance, what should you do? Well, make attempts to do the following:

(i) Be open to GOD! Search yourself and find out if there are any of GOD’s principles you are violating. If you are sincere and eager, you will find out the exact thing(s) you are suppose to do, or those you are suppose to STOP doing; and once you are able to find it/them out, immediately make amends by doing it/them, or stopping it/them

(ii) Ask GOD to give you the grace to overcome the hurdles confronting you in the areas where you’re lagging behind; His grace has been made available to help us because he understands that we are human and prone to making mistakes

(iii) Always seek GOD’s face, not his hands. Pursue his ways rather than his acts, and you will see more of his acts happening in your life than you ever thought possible.

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It’s Never Too Late With GOD; Your Best Days Are Still Ahead!

The story of “Laurre the Elliot” who bagged a master’s degree at the age of 90, says a lot about the fact that where there is a will, there will always be a way—no matter the trials, tribulations or pains! “Laurre the Elliot” is a proof to many that it’s never too late to fulfil your dreams. She said it was that nagging unfilled desire” that prevented her from never giving up. If you want to do something badly enough, then you will be able to do it. She welcomed her status as role model and hopes to encourage other elderly people to pursue their long-held aspirations. “I hope I can inspire some of these people to continue their education; that’s my goal”, she told WFAA (communications center studios). Madam Elliot who hails from Portsmouth, England, spent 15 months at the University of Sussex doing her master’s degree in “Russian and Eastern European Studies”. She also spent a year at the University of Portsmouth as part of her first degree in Russian Studies. She later planned to get her Ph.D. GOD can still help you accomplish whatever you desire in your life.

One day with GOD is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are as one day: from a scripture in the Bible. Spiritually, a Gregorian calendar doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter the amount of time required, an invincible determination can achieve almost anything—and in this lies the distinction between great men and common men. In the Bible, we see how GOD overturned the captivity of Job at his old age. Zechariah and Elizabeth had one of the greatest miracles because they decided to wait on GOD, despite their old age. If most people would do the same, they could be put in a place of honour in their generation. I remembered several years ago when the wife of a pastor committed suicide by hanging herself at their residence: she hanged herself while the husband was attending a night vigil because during the years after they got married, they had no child, and she suspected that the husband was falling into temptation and having sex and children outside their marriage.

The wife of a pastor, who should have had more hope, seemed to forget that there is no problem that GOD can’t solve. Although suicide is a permanent solution to a temporal problem, we must never judge the dead. If the act of suicide was due to lack of having a child, and she was growing older, does the GOD of Zechariah, Abraham, Sarah and Job die when people become old? No, he doesn’t! Whatever your case is, it is not too different from that of the people who lived ages ago. Nothing was late for them, and it will never be too late for anyone else! And it’s about time you start saying that repeatedly to all the forms of negativity that are staring at you. Note that age is not a barrier in achieving GOD’s plans for your life! Many people are always blaming circumstances for the cause of where they are in life; however, the people who get along in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstance(s) they want, and if they can’t find favourable circumstances, they look for ways to create them till they do. Reject all forms of regrets! Look unto GOD. It is never too late with GOD; your best days are still ahead!

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Draw up from the well of wisdom located deep within your heart

The scripture in Proverbs 20:5 of the Christian Bible, states: “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out”. An assessment of the scripture will give you the impression that an immeasurable amount of treasures lie waiting in each person’s heart, and these treasures can help each individual live an outstanding and distinguished lifestyle — if they are properly summoned! There is counsel, information and direction within the deepest part of man. It takes a lot of time and thinking to pull them out. Also, it takes wisdom to apply them towards becoming great. When Joseph (ancient Israel) gave Pharaoh insight into the impending economic crisis of their era, Pharaoh used that insight as a unique breakthrough in preventing the occurrence of bigger problems in the future. Joseph advised the king on how food could be preserved for seven years without applying the type of sophisticated technology present in our era/generation.

In so many instances, to seek help by running from place to place is not the real solution to some major issues in life. There is advice, information, direction, and solutions within you; your responsibility is to settle down and discover them. Many people don’t create time to settle down, meditate, think and plan, and so they end up frustrated. At every junction of life, meditate deeply within your heart and spirit in order to obtain directions. If people can be committed to being thoughtful in a meditative state, then proper directions can be discovered. Most of the modern wonders of science were invented because men created time to think and tap into the abundance of wealth and treasures located in the depths of their minds. For example, electricity was around all the while, but no one saw it or did anything about it until Benjamin Franklin thought about it and brought it into physical existence.

Archimedes brought forth the laws of flotation after thinking deeply over the matter for a long period of time. He got the solution in the bathroom and shouted “eureka”, which means “I have found it”. Bill Gates, who is extremely wealthy and one of the fathers of modern information technology, is a confirmed thinker. A story was once told about him, that while he was in deep thought one day, his mother called out: “Bill, Bill”, but he was lost in his thoughts. When he was eventually asked what he was doing, he replied: “I was thinking, don’t you think?” Limitless amounts of useful information can emanate from your mind if you make out time to delve into it a little bit — or even much more deeper than usual. The fact that you don’t take time to think over the issues of life, doesn’t mean that you have an opportunity to be careless! Always create time to settle down and calmly meditate in order to release the treasures of ideas located in the inner part of you.

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In the Pursuit of Dreams Along With Spiritual Development …

If we take a look at life from God’s position and perspective, we might be pushed to ask ourselves this big question: why are we here on Earth? What was God’s reason for placing us on Earth? Did we get here accidentally? Or, were we intentionally designed with a specific purpose which is different from what we think? Many people and religions agree that our reason for being here is attached to a unique and all-encompassing purpose. One of the major purposes for being here (on Earth) is to find your own destiny by consistently striving to find out/do what you were born to do, and go all out to fulfill it. By achieving fulfillment and greatness, we’ll certainly be able to contribute what we can to the welfare of mankind and the whole world at large.

Another major purpose for being here is to continuously develop spiritually as we travel on our everlasting journey of spirituality. Unfortunately, the minds of most people tend to lead them astray, and into a direction that doesn’t come from their hearts: this distracts them from finding the true purpose of their lives. Most people often think that money, power, success, fame and popularity will create an eternally happy lifestyle for them, and so they vigorously pursue these desires. Other types of people chase these dreams while simultaneously seeking spiritual development; this is the best option because you’ll be using one stone (life on earth) to kill two birds (your dreams, and spiritual development).

Seeking spiritual development and insight into destiny would give people a more peaceful state of mind and make them feel at least a bit relaxed and calm. Our purpose in life is  considerably connected to a great extent with seeking spiritual enlightenment about God’s ethics and kingdom. If our spirits are not sufficiently inspired and motivated, we’ll find it difficult to awaken the real truth about our life’s purpose. A major key towards realizing spiritual development and enlightenment is to follow your intuition—your spiritual thinking—and your heart. We have to find out our purpose in life and live it to the fullest from deep within our souls. Living our life in this manner will imbibe stillness within our minds, and then we’ll naturally be able to let go of negative emotions, hopelessness, fear, guilt, malice and false beliefs which normally preoccupy the human mind.

If we can succeed in making the pursuit of spirituality a habit, our minds will automatically tune into a greater reality that would help in achieving a stable level of spiritual enlightenment and continuous spiritual development. In summary, locate your life’s purpose. If you can succeed in doing so, then you won’t have much to worry about, and you will be contented with everything you have, no matter what position you are in life. Everyone has to learn how to let go of bad memories often associated with the past: don’t harbor them within your minds. In dropping the odds and negatives, our minds will gradually become more still as time passes by. Also, we have to develop a personality that can’t be negatively influenced by the outward (material) changes so often associated with life. In so doing, our minds will become less affected by any change in external situations. Another important thing to do is to rid ourselves of fear(s) associated with a lack of faith. This fear often keeps many people away from moving towards the direction of their destinies. Such negative traits prevent us from believing in God, the spiritual world, and eternity.

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True Prosperity Depends on the Strength of Your Connection With GOD

Any person who is really connected with GOD (the creator of all things) would have ultimate peace and true prosperity. GOD is spirit and we can’t see him! In fact, his invisibility makes many people feel like he doesn’t exist. But He’s right up there, and realer than anything we’ve ever seen! He’s connected with men and women who also play (or played) their own little part in maintaining that strong connection. Through the ages, GOD has been quite close to a number of people, too many for us to recall from history; but one important thing to take note of is that irrespective of any challenges encountered, irrespective of any attempt(s) that enemies put up against those connected with GOD, they conquered at the end of the day. Another remarkable quality that people of GOD have is the genuine feeling of rest, peace, and sense of fulfillment which they get from any other place. Their foundation doesn’t rest on material things: on the material aspect of creation. Anything that has a foundation outside of GOD is just temporal vanity and would pass away or cease to exist from a particular date in the near future. Whatever anyone has, no matter how little it might appear in the eyes of other people, it would always be sufficient to accomplish every plan that GOD has called or destined for that particular person to execute in this world.

Everything that GOD gave everyone at birth, and while they are alive, is a seed which has to be sown, fertilized, continuously catered for, and groomed to maturity. We must prosper if we have the mind-set that with what we were given, we can efficiently accomplish GOD’s purposes for our lives. Plant your seed and it must produce a bountiful harvest, good or bad. True prosperity and abundance are beyond the acquisition of material possessions; it isn’t defined by the number of cars, industries, houses, lands, assets, women, or property that anyone has; otherwise those who have the largest amount of material possessions in the world, would always be the most happy, joyful and fulfilled people. Unfortunately, most materially successful personalities haven’t been so happy, neither have they felt inwardly fulfilled in their lives.

Read through history and you will observe that a lot of popular people, with an abundance of “earthly possessions,” have had high blood pressures, gone crazy or even committed extreme acts like suicide! Many of them have been dependent on drugs in order to try and control their minds and feelings. These few descriptions show that man cannot depend solely on what he externally possesses if he wants to have real joy and eternal livelihood! Many people who have/had great possessions, are/were really empty on the inside; if not, they wouldn’t resort to empty remedies like drugs and suicide. The treasures of this world all have their expiry dates, and really, not all that glitters is gold. There are many men and women who have been frustrated in life because they measured themselves by the world’s symbols of prosperity. In all your prosperity, or lack of it, let your total dependence be on GOD, then you’ll have everlasting treasures that no amount of money can buy.

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The power of words

In the book of The Bible, “Hebrews 11:3” says: “Through faith we understand that the universe was framed by the word of GOD so that the things which are seen were made from nothing.” Everything you see, handle and feel, came out of words. In fact, words are the most powerful tools in the universe. Kingdoms and nations are ruled by decrees, ordinances or constitutions which are all written in words. Words have always been the greatest weapons at the disposal of every human being who has ever lived on earth. Actually, words are great assets.

Anyone who carefully studies the first book of The Bible (Genesis), will find out that GOD created the whole universe through the simple use of words. He stood before the land and waters, and declared that they should bring forth an abundance of creatures; he spoke to the firmament as well and it responded. On and on, GOD continued declaring words until the whole universe was set up. Most probably, there wouldn’t have been anything in existence if GOD hadn’t spoken. The method that GOD used in making everything manifest (physically and spiritually), was by speaking them out. Actually, everything was with Him before creation came into existence. You were created in his image and likeness, therefore you too posses the ability to speak out and create your own world (through the use of your own words).

Words are one of the most important tools you need on earth. Make optimum use of them! Each morning, make it a habit to speak into the day and declare the things you  want to achieve in future. You ought to always speak positively and declare the right words which will be more effective in the spirit world than in the physical world. All things (visible and invisible) have their roots/foundations firmly anchored in the almighty power GOD; for without him, nothing would have been created. If words, which  have spiritual power in them, cease to exist, then all things will disintegrate, become empty and void of any meaningful substance.

In the book of Matthew 8:8, a centurion made a remarkable statement which can reveal the powerful effect of words. He said: “I am not worthy that thou [Jesus] come under my roof, but speak the words only and my servant shall be healed.” A careful study of The Bible—all through—reveals that words have no respect for a barrier like distance: distance cannot prevent words from exhibiting the effects of their inherent latent power. Words are so powerful; that’s why you must make your thoughts, actions and comments to be aligned with the nature of GOD’s belief and words. Jesus said: “The words I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.” Words are spirit! Speak positive words in alignment with belief in GOD, and the spirit of GOD will make your spoken words become a reality and physically manifest the things you desire.

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