The challenges in your comfort zone can make your skills better—challenges can actually help you grow

One great disadvantage of living in a society or world that always seeks comfort is the fact that products and services advertised and bought day and night can lull people into the sleep of comfortability which can have an adverse effect on their rates of productivity and success.

The reality of time: it places challenges on our paths in order to teach & mature us spiritually

In the absence of comfort, challenges can help us grow; in the presence of comfort, it is even more profitable to look for challenges in order to sharpen our skills and become much better at what we love doing.

That is what highly successful people always do, especially after they succeed and get elevated to a state of great comfortability. Highly successful people don’t make the big mistake of assuming that they have surmounted all types of challenges and reached the very top.

This is one major reason why they are always productive and never run out of ideas on what next  to venture into, or accomplish.

Every challenge we experience presents an opportunity to become better and much more skilful

Challenges and self-motivation can transform us and make us better if we view them in a correct perspective, and use them in the right way.

Regardless of whether we are living in a comfort zone or not, challenges can stretch our skills and make us better if we face them with positivity and a heart that expects to keep on growing stronger.

It is good thing to rest in your comfort zone, but not the best thing to permanently rest in it until you become carried away with laziness, and by an unproductive lifestyle.

Use comfort to rest, restore the energy you have been using in your endeavors, and prepare for the next challenge in order to move up higher.

As long as you remain on Earth, do not rest in your comfort zone to such an extent that it imprisons the productivity of your mind and personality.