Everybody has the ability to exhibit some form of genius

The next time you see a picture of your role model—Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Sir Isaac Newton, or any great person who ever lived in the past—realize that you can always reach the level they attained—you can even surpass it.

You don’t have to be good with mathematics, physics, basketball, or a specific field or specialty in order to experience what people sometimes call a “genius level of thinking”.

To be a genius at what you love doing, regularly exercise your imagination

Follow your heart, and don’t try to follow the path of other people you idolize just because they are outstanding geniuses. Although it is very important to have role models as sources of inspiration, it is much more important to follow your own path, and be persistent and creative in exercising your imagination.

If you exercise your imagination conscientiously, you will unfold your inner genius or unlimited potential and become a real genius whose genius may even surpass the genius of role models in terms of uniqueness and achievements.

Many people misuse their imagination and misguide their inner genius by worrying too much

Worrying too much can actually bottle up your imagination and inner genius. Many people are accustomed to worrying all day long, and always imagining the worst-case scenarios, instead of hoping for the best.

Worrying too much impedes the flow of creativity, and ends up bottling one’s inner genius or unlimited potential. People who have a creative imagination often achieve things that worriers can’t even think about.

People who regularly exercise their imagination are often called “geniuses”

Being or becoming a genius does not depend too much on one’s genetic make-up; it depends much more on how a person uses or exercises their imagination to great effect.

Geniuses are just ordinary or common people who creatively exercise their imagination and inner genius. When we were children, we instinctively used imagination to daydream and play around in our thoughts.

As an adult, if you can revisit our childhood and seriously make use the same attitude and belief, you will be shocked at the innovative ideas that would spring up from your mind and become a reality.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”—Albert Einstein

It is important to consistently upgrade our knowledge base; but is even more important and productive to exercise your imagination when using acquired knowledge.

If you exercise your imagination regularly, it will become much more easier to design and materialize the type of lifestyle and future you want.

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