The everlasting generosity of GOD, the universe, or Mother Nature

Generally, all forms of life prove that everything has been bountifully supplied; we only have to exert ourselves to take out of the goodies that have been so generously provided. (Featured image credit:

At least once in a lifetime, many people must have either run a race, indulged in an activity, or worked at full capacity for a long period of time, and to such a great extent that they started feeling tired.

Many of us can remember vividly, how long before we got to any great distance, we already thought we had reached our limits because we felt obviously tired.

But, not so for GOD, the universe, or Mother Nature. Just visualize how they have kept on going untiringly, creating worlds, the heavens, billions of galaxies and stars, their inhabitants, expanding the universe, and will continue to do so forever.

The same generous energy that has produced various forms, colors, types of beauties and mysteries in creation, still exists within our very self. Our mind and muscles are flexible enough to accommodate much more of the energy, speed and endurance available in the currents of creation—to which we are conductors.

Stored deep within each person is a great reserve of energy which many of us seem not to have any or much awareness about.

The generosity of GOD seems to be a law in the universe! Why? Because it can be seen everywhere

GOD, the universe, Mother Nature—whatever you wish to call—is lavish, generous and probably extravagant in continuously creating and supplying both raw materials and finished products.

Look upwards towards the heavens at night; see the uncountable number of galaxies, stars, and worlds out there.

No technological equipment, or degree of mind perception can give us a clue about the actual number of objects, lives and items freely dished out. There is no way we can even make a good approximation of the total number.

Take a look at the vegetation in the country where you live; picture how the shrubs of the trees are supplied together with nutrients and the strength they need for growth and sustenance!

Furthermore, look at other forms of animal life such as worms, insects, butterflies, birds, wild animals, reptile, etc., and imagine the generosity behind the materials and intelligence that energizes and enlivens them.

Generally, all forms of life prove that everything has been bountifully supplied; living things only have to exert themselves to take out of the goodies that have been so generously provided.

Although we often hear about depletion of non-renewable resources such as coal and fossil fuel (oil), science still informs us that Mother Nature has an indefinite quantity of renewable resources in store, which are better alternatives, more environmentally friendly, and supplied within a shorter period of time than non-renewable resources. Better still, they usually last for an indefinite period of time.

The generosity doesn’t stop there; in fact, there are vast fields of natural resources that haven’t been explored or touched yet; and probably bigger fields that are yet to be discovered.


There is abundance for everyone. However, we have to think, strain ourselves a bit, or even labor if we want to acquire some of the generous things that are continuously being supplied by nature.