GOD’s ways are countless times higher than our ways: His plans are always the best for us!

For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts higher than your thoughts—GOD (The Christian Bible).

If we look critically at our past journeys and challenges—especially if after our defeats turn into victories, and challenges lead to success—we will realize that regardless of what we went through or experienced, GOD’s plans are always the best for us for us on a long-term basis—not short term!

No matter who you are in life, or what you have achieved, GOD’s thoughts will always be higher than your thoughts, and His ways will always be higher than your ways.

Whenever you think you have come up with the best plan, GOD has something better. That’s why we should learn to call upon Him and be patient as he works to implant His highest thoughts and ways into our lives—He has the best plans for us!

Regardless of whether challenges exist or not, learn how to throw down your sword and surrender to GOD

Our victories will be so much greater in life if we realize our limitation and surrender our battles and authority to GOD. Whenever we reach our last  limits, GOD knows the secret paths we can use to move further and reach our final destination.

Some of the things we think are destructive challenges are in reality GOD’s best thoughts and ways for us. GOD’s plans are the best for us; regardless of whether we are in that lion’s den, in that odd environment, or even in that pit of hell!

GOD has the best plans beyond anything we can ever know or think

Before birth, GOD planned the best long-term—not sort-term—plan for every individual life. We will miss GOD’s grandest plan for our life if we forcefully try to employ any other plans which we think are better!

Always remember that as the heavens are far higher than the Earth, so are GOD’s ways far higher than ours; the same goes for His thoughts when compared with ours—always remember this!

In addition, always keep in mind that “all things work together for good to them that love GOD”—all things will work together for your good!

With GOD, nothing in the past or present will outdo or be greater than the greatness we will achieve in the future

No matter the challenges and unfortunate circumstances we may face tomorrow, we should constantly be filled with high expectations because GOD’s long-term eternal plans are the best for us!

Many tricky and challenging circumstances often happen, but if we have the opportunity to view them high up there from GOD’s side, we will be surprised to find out and see that GOD’s power and direction are behind them.

There is a way that GOD works: difficulties and challenges are blessings in disguise

If we follow GOD conscientiously, we will find out that trials and hardships are tools that He uses to help us grow spiritually, and take us to the destination of greatness he planned for us long before we were born.

Yes, you might have a good plan; you might even think you have the best plan, but GOD has something that’s uncountable times better than your best plan—a higher standard for us than we will ever be able to think of! The best thing to happen in life is for GOD’s plan to take over our lives, rather than our own plans!

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