The one outstanding ingredient behind every great discovery & achievement—mental attitude

(Image credit: The mind conceives an idea; next, thoughts help to form or draw a blueprint of the idea; thereafter, physical manifestation or materialization of the idea would depend on how the mind is used—the mental attitude.

Take a look at the creations of mankind: glamorous houses, palaces, churches, mosques, luxurious cars—amongst others—and it will be easy to notice that having high quality mental attitude is important; in fact, high quality mental attitude has been behind the materialization of every great wonder and deed.

The right (high quality) mental attitude could be said to consist of, but not limited to the following: positivity, persistent faith (regardless of circumstances), discipline, activeness, eagerness/zeal, perseverance, etc.

The type of attitude determines what can be created; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a palace, castle, parliament, or any other thing!

Nothing would be able to come into existence without an appreciable amount of mental effort or attitude. So mental attitude is an important ingredient for success.

In every endeavor, people consciously or unconsciously put different types of mental attitude to work in order to achieve material (physical) or spiritual goals.

Under-achievers, and lazy people who envy achievers, seem to believe that mental attitude is not crucial in pursuing serious and great goals in life.

This type of mentality or attitude wouldn’t help anyone attune properly to greatness, especially when the attitude of great men and women has been shinning a lot of light on the importance of mental attitude—a right and firm mental attitude.

It will always be difficult for people to achieve anything if they don’t have the right mental attitude. If one takes a look at the greatest achievers in the world, it would be easy notice that they have different types of mindsets or mental attitudes.

The type/quality of mental attitude is key

Usually, before a house is built, a blueprint (draft or plan) of the house is made. Houses are constructed in accordance with specifications and dimensions of their blueprints.

Every man-made creation is formed in the same way: the mind conceives an idea; next, thoughts help to form or draw a blueprint of the idea; thereafter, the physical manifestation or materialization of the idea would depend on how the mind is used—the mental attitude.

The effect of using electricity depends on the appliance it powers, or is attached to; in similar fashion, the effects each person gets from using the mind depends on the mind is used—the type of mental attitude.

The power to materialize ideas exists in unlimited quantities, but a high quality and potent mental attitude would be needed in order to manifest ideas in physical form.

The “Seven Wonders of the World” were planned and brought into existence by people who had arguably the fewest opportunities or facilities when compared to the number of opportunities available to mankind in the present age.

Great people first conceived gigantic projects in their minds, continued to have faith and concentrate on them vividly until they generated the ideas and attitude to materialise their conceived projects.

In many instances, great ideas were materialized in the midst of challenges and obstacles that most people would regard as insurmountable.

Imagine the amount of spirit, faith, perseverance, natural resources, and mental attitude employed in building the Pyramids of Gizeh thousands of years ago, especially with bare hands, and in the absence of the type of technologically advanced tools that exist today.

Imagine the quantity of human energy, labor and sweat involved; still yet, men built the Pyramids of Gizeh in an age when highly advanced equipment and machines were undreamed of.

The men and women who have stood out in terms of achievements, had faith, perseverance and energy that radiated the right mental attitude—which is a high quality one.


The human mind is creative and has endless possibilities for greatness, but it must have an attitude or model which will propel it to work and accomplish—yes, not just work, but accomplish!

The human mind must harbor thoughts of great motivation that will be strong enough to supply the necessary mental and physical power.

The mind needs to always remain positive, persistent in faith (regardless of circumstances), disciplined, active, zealous, patient (persevere), etc.

In this age of wonderful discoveries and achievements, no one can argue that when the mind is at its best, it can generate enough attitude to create wonders far greater than the so-called “Seven Wonders of the World.”

The ideas or power for creation of wonders are available to everyone today, as they were available to the great men and women of the past.

Every great achievement in life has the imprint of a high quality mental attitude. We can only do what we really think and consistently work towards doing.

It will be difficult to do or express anything that we have not first conceived in our minds. Even more difficult will it be to generate the right mental attitude that can materialize any conceived idea.

The secret behind success lies in thinking powerful positive thoughts, and taking necessary steps with a firm attitude.

Inasmuch as we have ideas, we have to get our attitudes straight. William James, a famous psychologist, said that the greatest discovery in a hundred years was the discovery of the power of the mind—especially the sub-conscious mind.

According to many, this is the greatest earthly discovery of all time: the discovery that each person has unlimited power within themself—the power to create and control things in their environment.

We might have all the talent in the world, but our talent is only a starting point for success: we’ve got to keep working that talent with the right mental attitude until our ideas turn into real and exact physical forms.