How keyword optimization continues to make my articles attract increasing numbers of views from Google—with screenshots

This article is meant to inspire those who are interested in keyword optimization, and who believe in it. The article serves as an update on a previous article, and a source of motivation for web publishers and bloggers. It provides very inspiring stats from and Google which show that keyword optimization and downloadable self-published eBooks can greatly increase site exposure on the long run. (Featured image credit:

This article is meant to inspire people who are interested in keyword optimization, and who believe in it. The article serves as an update on a previous article, and a source of motivation for web publishers and bloggers who aspire to always continue growing their sites. Last time I published a post on how keyword optimization shot my keyword-optimized articles to the top of my website stats, I was inspired by responses/comments from readers, and this is what has further inspired me to write and publish this article about 3 hours into today, September 6, 2019.

We will look at nine screenshots that prove how effective keyword optimization can be, and how it can attract high return on investment in terms of increasing number of views and eBook downloads mostly from people who have been referred from Google.

A brief look at the stats of two of my articles that have been the most viewed, especially from Google

When I published a related article on August 21, 2019, my most viewed article Definition & types of technical drawing had been viewed 1,352 times, with over 70+% of this coming from Google within 6+ months prior; in addition, my article 15 Reasons why You Should Study Environmental Science had been viewed 671 times within 8+ months prior.

But as at today (screenshot 1), and within the past 14+ days since the related article was published, Definition & types of technical drawing and 15 Reasons why You Should Study Environmental Science have risen and been viewed a total of 2028 and 1,167 times respectively—a rise of about 676 and 496 within the last 2+ weeks: 50%, and 74% increase respectively.

Screenshot 11_two most viewed posts
Screenshot 1

Because of interest from my readers who have been coming from Google, I was motivated to produce two eBooks (one of them has been revised once, while the other has been revised 4 times) which, as at today, have been downloaded a total 312 times: 174, and 138 times respectively (screenshot 2); 231 out of the 312 were downloaded just 6+ days into this month.

Screenshot 12_312 total downloads frrom August 23 to September 5_2019
Screenshot 2

Definition & types of technical drawing, which used to attract between 30 and 50 views per day, now attracts between 70 and 100+ views per day, mostly from Google. In fact, on September 4 it attracted 124 views, even though I didn’t publish any article that day (see screenshot 3).

Screenshot 13_124 views per day_97 refers from Google
Screenshot 3

Last month, Definition & types of technical drawing attracted 499 views, but within 6+ days of this month has already attracted 391 views (see screenshot 4), and within one or two days, could beat the stats of last month. By the end of this month, I won’t be surprised to see the stats double, triple or quadruple the stats of last month.

Screenshot 14_391 views in 6 days_in contrast with 499 views for the whole of last month
Screenshot 4

When I started this site, even after 2 years, it was quite normal to be referred only anywhere between five and ten times from Google per month; but now, it’s quite normal to wake up a few hours into a new day and see that my site has been referred 16 times from Google, and my most viewed article viewed 21 times (screenshot 5).

Screenshot 15_19 views from Google 3 hours into to day
Screenshot 5

My greatest motivation is my site’s report from Google search console, which shows that the average position of my site within the last seven days has been 1.3 whenever the query “types of technical drawing” is made by Google users (screenshot 6).

Screenshot 16B_latest Google report on types of technical drawing
Screenshot 6

Also, the average position of my site within the last seven days has been 6.4 whenever the query “why study environmental science” is made by Google users (screenshot 7).

Screenshot 17_latest Google report for 15 reasons why
Screenshot 7

Generally, the top 5 queries that have made my site to be highly referred and viewed from Google within the past 7 days have been (screenshot 8):

  • types of technical drawing
  • why study environmental science
  • technical drawing
  • different types of technical drawing
  • why do we study environmental science.
screenshot 18_queries
Screenshot 8

I guess these keywords ring a bell, and inform us exactly what a section of users are searching for on the internet. The same thing happens around other keywords outside the technical drawing niche.

Generally, most of the visitors from Google within the last 7 days have been coming from the following countries (Screenshot 9.):

  • Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • United States
  • Guyana
  • United Kingdom
screenshot 19_top countries
Screenshot 9


From my experience within the past 8+ months or so, and especially within the last two weeks—which included further optimization of my most viewed posts by linking them to other articles, and creating two downloadable eBooks—I can only advise fellow bloggers to use keyword optimization if they want to easily attract readers (who belong to their niche) from the wider internet world via Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. It may be advisable to search for the keywords in your niche and start using them, or get more familiar with them.

If you are interested in increasing your site’s exposure, it is advisable that you blog regularly, use keywords which can be confirmed from Google/keyword tools, and share the links of your content on other social media platforms—if you can. However, in addition to these, you can expose your site much more by producing downloadable eBooks which you can upload for free on your website and other popular eBook websites such as PDFdrive and Slideshare. Why? So that people who are interested can download them and continue to share them with the wider world which will likely continue to come in larger numbers to your site over time.

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