The awesome passion-based qualities that make a unique platform

During my blogging career which has spanned over 7 years and touched quite a number of platforms whose names I can’t remember, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the qualities of different websites and a few self-hosted platforms like

And although everybody might have their own opinion as regards to which platform is the best, I would blatantly state that has the best passion-based qualities which I have not experienced elsewhere.

Why? Because’s qualities SUIT MY NEEDS! Note that my needs—which are unique and more applicable to me—differ from the needs of other people.

In addition, my needs—along with that of every other person—would certainly include a high level security which usually provides—you can read more about security and general issues here: Why is the best platform for building websites–in comparison with

Apart from security,’s general practices create a passion—an attractive passion-based culture

Although passion is very useful in life, it’s not always easy to create and instil it in millions of people— has been instilling passion in people for a very long time.

But what is a passion-based culture? A passion-based culture is a culture in which most of people involved in a business—in this case—are entertained, engaged in their dreams, are happy and energetic.

Although not everybody on might be happy—as is usually the case everywhere in the world—most people on (which consists of management team, its happiness engineers, and the owners of websites and blogs, etc.) are happy and fulfilled.

It is obvious that values the happiness and purpose-driven values it gives to millions of people across the world—even much more than it values its own bank account

It is quite clear that has a reason for creating its platform for people to use—a reason that is far greater than making money just to fatten their pocket or bank account.

This is the reason why attracts a lot of customers and makes huge profit. One problem though, is that some customers do not put in enough effort to fulfil their own personal dreams which can only provide necessary tools for them to use and achieve.

Over the years, has been able to sell itself and give people a platform to execute their passionate purposes and plans. has a DNA that brings the best out in people who have faith, drive, zeal, patience and determination has a clearly defined DNA that humbly states what it stands for, what it can accept, and what is non-acceptable and non-negotiable. If anybody is good to go with it—as many people have been—it can only bring out more productivity and passion in those people whose utmost desire is to offer their talent and services, and be inwardly fulfilled. has an established progressive environment

Motion and progress or progression are universal laws that gets along with quite well because it is focussed on making progress and perfecting the needful in all-encompassing ways that are targeted at carrying everybody along as much as possible.

There are many processes and procedures in use today that were obviously not in use years ago; they were implemented along the line in order to balance the platform’s security and operability together with the desires of the majority. inspires people with processes and ideas that can help them define and achieve their dreams

Although many people in the world spend most of their time earning a living, it seems only few of them have insight about what they would actually like to do with their lives. has the capacity to make people clearly see the next important step; it presents them with a gift and opportunity to clarify their goals and continue chasing their passion.

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