The downside of television—it makes some people spend too much time watching what other people like doing for a living

The use of television as a form of entertainment, and also to occupy rime, has been rising increasing since the early part of last century.

And although it has brought a lot of smiles and excitement to many people, it also ended up taking away a part of certain people’s lives because it made them unable to have sufficient time to accomplish or materialize their own personal goals and dreams—THIS HAS BEEN THE DOWNSIDE OF WATCHING TOO MUCH TELEVISION!

Many people can make positive changes in their lives if they know when to turn off their TVs, and actually turn it off when necessary!

Do you know the benefits you stand to gain if you are aware that TV is not always good for those who have great personal goals they wish to achieve in life, and you actually turn off the TV when necessary?

If you have great goals you need to achieve, then putting off the TV once or a couple of time per day can really boost your chances of materializing your greatest goals, and elevating yourself higher up the ladder of personal success.

If you are someone who finds it hard to put off the TV when you have an important assignment to do, or money-making deal to execute, then you can start controlling the influence TV has had over you by slowly detoxing the way and number of times you use it every day or week.

If you are aware that you watch too much TV, then ask yourself this question: “which side of success do I really want to live on”?

Would you want to spend most of your time watching how other people are succeeding by doing what they love doing? Or, would you like to take a step back and create time to watch yourself materializing your dreams, and succeeding?

The people whom you spend too much time watching—much to the detriment of your goals, desires and future—are busy succeeding and making money out of what they love doing. This is the same way you have to approach your personal goals.

There’s nothing wrong with watching other people on TV, but a great obstacle will obstruct the path to your destiny if you leave such a habit to run out of control, unguided and unchecked.

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